Green Office Reminder Poster: Ride Your Bike to Work

Going green demands that everyone get on board with changing office procedures and habits.

We know your team is working hard enough already, so we created these handy posters to remind you of simple green ideas. You can download them here and then print them. All you need is blu-tack, pushpins or glue.

Download PDF file (639 KB)

Other simple ways to ‘green your office’ include using green products such as floor mats made from recycled materials and continuous cloth towel for hand drying.

Alsco Evolution Mats

Alsco’s range of commercial mats and industrial mats now includes the Evolution Mat. In addition to a great range of features including thicker pile and premium quality, these mats are made from recycled materials, eliminating the need for raw production materials. The re-engineered materials also generate a more efficient product which uses less water and energy in the cleaning process.

For your convenience, Alsco provides a fully managed rental service, supplying clean, undamaged mats every time. Alsco is committed to improvements that promote environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Contact Alsco to enjoy a Free Evolution Mat Trial.


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How to Use an AED – A Step by Step Guide

Portable Defibrillator for Alsco Training

Why Defibrillate?

Defibrillation is a controlled electric shock given to the heart in order to overcome a life threatening cardiac arrest or arrhythmia. The shock attempts to restore the victim’s heart rhythm to normal.

AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators), when used instantly after a person suffers a sudden cardiac arrest, i.e. within the first 3-5 minutes can dramatically increase a victim’s chance of survival from currently what is currently less 5% to as much as 70%.

An AED or a portable defibrillator will automatically analyse the rhythm of the heart of a person who does not have a pulse and determine if a shock is needed. Accordingly, it will send controlled electric impulses to shock the heart in order to restore its normal rhythm and pattern.

Typically, AEDs are simple devices that are designed to be used by the layperson. Use this map-based website to find out the location of the AED or hospital nearest to your workplace, so that you are prepared in case an emergency strikes. 

In case a person around you suffers a sudden cardiac arrest, the following steps should be followed to save his/her life till emergency medical care services arrive:

Part 1 – Preparing to Use an AED

Step1: Call 000

The moment you notice a person who collapse or a person who appears to have an emergency episode, immediately call for medical assistance. 

If no one else is around, make the call first before attending to the victim. Provide all the necessary information about the episode as required by the emergency care services.

If there are other people around, make sure a person is designated to call 000 and seek help.

Step2: Check the victim

Check Breathing
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Check the breathing and pulse of the victim. If no pulse or breath is found, begin CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) immediately. Use the ABC method to check the victim’s breathing and pulse.

  • A – Airway: First check the airway is open before you check for breathing. In order to do this, tilt the victim’s head back and lift his chin. If there is an object obstructing the airway, remove it.
  • B – Breathing: Get close to the victims mouth or nose to feel the breathing. Lean in to listen for breathing or look to see if the chest is rising or falling.
  • C – Circulation: If the victim is breathing, they would have a pulse. However, if no signs of breathing are found, confirm if the victim has a pulse.

Step3: Begin CPR

If no breathing or pulse is located, begin CPR immediately. CPR should be administered at a rate of 2 breaths followed by 30 compression of 4-5 cm.

Perform CPR
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia
  1. In order to perform CPR, place two fingers on the edge of the sternum.
  2. Next place the heel of the other hand just above the fingers.
  3. Lift the fingers and place this hand on top of the other hand.
  4. Interlock the fingers and lift them above the victim’s body.
  5. Lock the elbows and use your weight to begin pressing down on the victim’s chest.
  6. Press down a few inches (not more than 4-5 inches) for about 30 times and then administer 2 rescue breaths.
  7. Repeat this cycle 4 times and then check for pulse and breathing.
  8. Stop in case the person regains consciousness or starts to breathe.

Part 2 – Using an AED

Step 1: Locate and fetch the AED

Screenshot order to save critical minutes, it is best if the location of the AED is known. If your workplace has an AED, use these signs to help your employees quickly locate an AED or else use the Heart Attack Help map to find out where the defibrillator nearest to your workplace is located.

When an emergency strikes, ask another person to take over the CPR while you fetch the AED.

Step 2: Make sure the patient is dry

Water is a conductor of electricity. So if the victim is wet or if there is water in the vicinity, it could cause further damage to the victim and to you.

Make sure the victim is dried out completely and, if required, moved to a dry place.

Step 3: Turn on the AED and prepare the patient’s chest area

After switching on the AED, start preparing the patient.

  • Follow any visual or voice prompts that the AEDs has.
  • Open shirts and remove any jewellery or other metallic items around the victim’s chest area.
  • Check if there are signs of a pacemaker, an implant device or a piercing.

Step 4: Attach the pads to the chest

Automated External DefibrillatorFollow the diagrams given on the AED or on the pads themselves to correctly apply the chest pads. The location of the electrodes is important so that the maximum amount of shock necessary is delivered correctly to the victim.

In the case of an implant, device or a piercing, leave at least one inch from it while placing the device.

Step 5: Deliver the shock, if advised

The AED will analyse the condition of the victim and decide if a shock should be delivered or not. Press the ‘deliver shock’ button only if and when guided by the AED. Ensure everyone is clear of the victim and then deliver the shock.

Continue to perform CPR thereafter and follow the voice prompts of the AED. The Alsco AED provides you feedback on the quality of your CPR and whether you need to push harder or slower.

Perform CPR for 2 minutes or if the victim can breathe or has regained consciousness.

Remember, the speed of performing CPR and defibrillation is critical in this entire process. Therefore, it is important that you know where your nearest AED is located. Use Heart Attack Help and find out now.


Meet the People Behind Alsco: A Day in the Life of Irene, Alsco Production Supervisor

Irene Matthews

Irene is the second generation of her family to have worked for Alsco, with her mother Ruby Delandells having spent many years working in the dry fold area when Irene was a child. Ruby was one of many of our staff who will be remembered as someone who took pride in the job she did.

From Irene’s early employment at Alsco, the die was cast and she committed herself to making a great career with the company. Alsco identified the makings of a good production forelady and she was trained through all the various job roles.


Forever! Well, 29 years to be precise. When I first worked for Alsco in the 1970s, it was a time of full employment in Australia, so finding staff to work manual tasks during this time wasn’t easy. The production manager had difficulty finding staff to fill the gap in the busy Christmas period, so the word went out to find some casual labour to supplement the production. My mum encouraged me to relieve at Alsco over the eight week period.


My day starts at 6.45am and I am constantly on the go until 3pm, with all that goes with supervising the daily operation on the production floor.


I am responsible for the day to day production output, ensuring there is an uninterrupted supply of linen available for the ironers and making sure the washroom is in sync with the finishing department. I find that I have to be very organised, but the years of production experience I have had with Alsco has really helped me to develop the expertise and know-how required for the job on a day to day basis.


I love having everything achieved by the end of the day. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction.


There are days when we are short staffed by six or seven people which can make the workload very busy, but we always manage to meet our requirements by the end of the day.

When asked about Irene, people commented that Irene is held in high regard by management and staff. “Irene’s role requires an enormous amount of organisation as well as years of production experience to develop the expertise and know how required for the job on a day to day basis,” said Russell. “Not only is Irene extremely competent, but she is firm and fair in her management of the staff.”

Accommodation Linen

Best quality bathroom and bedroom linen is essential for any hotel wanting to ensure the maximum comfort and satisfaction of their guests. Alsco’s hotel linen service makes providing maximum comfort simple, with plush bathroom linen and high thread count sheets available through a fully managed rental program. Including regular pick-up and delivery, flexible inventory management and requiring no up-front capital outlay, Alsco will custom design a program to suit the individual needs of your business.

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Top 10 Eco-Friendly Tips for Australian Workplaces

An eco-friendly workplace is one filled with employees who are aware of their social responsibility. There are no acts that are too small when it comes to caring for the environment.

We now know that everyone has to pitch in when it comes saving the planet. Knowing a few ideas that can enhance a workplace’s ability to become green would not hurt at all.

Here are ten tips that can be used in your office or shop. Follow these simple tips to make your workspace more environmentally friendly:

1.   The Three Rs


One of the biggest environmental problems facing the world today is that of waste management. There’s just too much trash being produced and it’s not enough that we throw our waste in the trashcan.

It’s not like garbage would disintegrate when it hits the bottom of the trash container. Properly disposed garbage still has to taken to a landfill, an incinerator, or to some other place where it can be processed. In other words, trash is still an environmental problem no matter how you get rid of it.

So what can you do about the waste in your workplace? It’s not really possible for you to stop making waste, but there are ways that you can control it. This is where the three R’s come in and those are to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The first stop is to reduce the amount of waste being produced in your workplace. There are many ways of doing this. After you have done this, check the waste and pick the ones that can be reused or recycled. By keeping the three R’s in mind, the volume of trash coming out of your workplace should go down significantly.

2.   Go Green When Cleaning

Did you know that cleaning products are some of the most harmful chemicals that many  people will be exposed to in their lives?  Most cleaning products contain toxins, so saying they can be harmful is not an exaggeration. If those chemicals are harmful to humans, you can bet that they can cause harm to the environment as well.

The problem is that your workplace would still have to be cleaned. So what is the best solution to this problem? It is to go green when cleaning.

There are many green cleaning products that are now available in the market. If you have hired a cleaning service for your office, you can ask them to only use green cleaning products or those that do not contain any harsh chemicals.

There are some who are hesitant to use environmentally cleaning products because they are afraid that it’s costlier than the regular products. However, remember that these chemicals pay for themselves by not harming our environment and are, therefore, more cost-effective in the long run.

3.   Consider the Telecommuting and Alternative Transportation Options

Not all workplaces would be able to use telecommuting; some businesses and offices would really need its employees to come in and work. But if the employees in your workplace can perform their work while staying at home, then you should give them the option to telecommute.

Why is telecommuting an eco-friendly option? Think of all the resources that can be conserved even just by a single person who does not have to travel in order to work. This can help in conserving our fast depleting resources and in fighting pollution.

We have already mentioned that not all workplaces can benefit from telecommuting. Most will still require their people to come to work. If that is the case with your own workplace, then you should encourage workers to try alternative modes of transportation.

There are several alternative modes of transportation that employees can try out. There is carpooling for example. For those located in large urban areas, public transport is also an excellent option. Biking and walking are also good choices for those who do not have to travel long distances, with the additional advantage that it can be beneficial to one’s health.

4. Rent Uniforms

Alsco Workwear

If your business requires that employees use uniforms, then renting those out instead of buying would be an eco-friendly option. Rented uniforms are washed and repaired professionally and because of that they last longer. Having uniforms that last longer is one way of conserving resources and taking care of the environment.

Consider getting Alsco’s workwear service that provides uniforms to businesses and companies.

5.   A Paperless Office

An ordinary office uses up a ton of paper regularly and while some paper can be recycled, paper waste still makes up a significant part of the total garbage amount produced. This is why you should aim to have a paperless workplace.

A totally paperless office is still not really achievable. Some things still need to be written down on paper. Some files and documents, for example, need to be on paper. This does not mean that it is pointless to try and cut down the amount of paper waste. The files and documents that can be kept as digital copies should be kept that way and paper should only be used when you really have to.

6.   Go Refillable

Highlighter pens, whiteboard markers, and correction tape are just some of the office stationery which have refillable options. You can extend the life of the outer casing of these products by buying refills or cartridges instead of getting new ones.

7.   Eco-Friendly Printing

We have mentioned earlier how some offices cannot go completely paperless. Most offices work this way because they still deal with printed documents. That does not mean that an office should go out and churn truckloads of paper waste.

There are ways that printing and copying can become more environmentally friendly. Double-sided printing for example, is an excellent way to reduce paper usage. Use scrap paper for notes and shredded paper as packing refill. You can also save on ink by putting printers and copiers on the right settings.

8.   Don’t Use Disposable Cups

Cut down on the use of disposable cups in your workplace. It might not seem too much, but disposable cups used for coffee and other beverage can add to the waste produced by a workplace. Employees should bring their own mugs to work or better yet, they should be given an “official” work mug that they can use.

9.   Use Electricity Smartly

A workplace uses up electricity on a constant basis. Sometimes, even when there is no one working, it is still using up electricity. Turn off all lights and equipment that does not have to be left on after the work is done. Check monitors to make sure that they are set to their most efficient power setting.  Only use energy efficient lighting in the office.

10.   Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies

There are eco-friendly office supplies now and you should get them for your workplace. Some might hesitate to switch to eco-friendly office supplies because they would cost more, but in reality they are only 5% more expensive than the ordinary. That’s not too much to pay for the environment is it?

These are the top eco-friendly tips for Australian workplaces. If you’re still using old-style uniforms in your workplace, check out the uniform service options offered by Alsco that can help your business to become more environmentally friendly.


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Go Green Posters – Recycle Your Paper and Plastic!

We all know that recycling is the way to go for the sake of the environment but sometimes we can get a tad forgetful … or possibly even lazy! Download, print and hang this poster in your workplace and forget about that forgetfulness excuse!

Download A4 Poster [PDF 2 MB]

Download A3 Poster [PDF 1.6 MB]

Alsco Mats

Alsco offers variety of solutions to help make your workplace a greener environment like our revolutionary Evolution Mats are made from recycled eco-friendly materials.

Experience greener office for greener environment! See it in action. Contact Alsco for more details.

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Holiday Home Rentals That Are Not Just Good….

Great Holiday Home Rental – For Guests and Hosts

Regardless of whether you are enjoying a long break or a short one, spending your holiday with your loved one, family or friends in place which can be termed ‘a place like home’ is simply amazing. This is what MadeComfy is all about!

Alsco, known as the premier supplier of fully-managed economical linen rental services, is excited to share with you the journey of MadeComfy – they have been using Alsco’s linens and towels for quite some time now.

MadeComfy enable people to rent out their homes whilst they are away by promoting their homes on multiple online rental platforms and by offering turnkey services from listing & booking to key exchange & cleaning.

They also offer an automated digital concierge portal for guests with a special local touch enabling them to live like a true local.

The MadeComfy Journey

1. What sparked the idea for you to start Made Comfy?

Quirin: Sabrina and I discussed some business ideas for a while when both of us were looking for a career change.

Sabrina: We wanted to start something we were really passionate about.

Quirin: When I was travelling lots for work in 2014, I started to rent out my flat in Cremorne Point on Airbnb. However, I realised very quickly that without local support it was impossible to maximise the rental returns (e.g. have multiple bookings) and guest experience to achieve 5-star ratings (which enable you again to maximise your nightly rate and occupancy). I remember when I was over in a late meeting in Perth when the fuses went out in my flat and the guest tried to get hold of me.

Sabrina: That was after the TV broke the week before and the guests were really frustrated with you not being able to help as you were away! I tried to help Quirin, but with me having a full-on job I was not really able to help all the time, to do the check in’s, arrange the cleaning, answer emergency calls, etc. That was a point when you were thinking of not renting out at all.

Quirin: That was when the idea of MadeComfy was born.

Sabrina: I did some research on services that help you to host when you are not there. Airbnb, Flipkey or Stayz are great when you rent out a room or you have your parents living next door to help. But to have guests whilst you are on holiday or a work trip, there was nothing really helpful available. So we decided to found MadeComfy!

2. What are the top 3 things you do to have fun at work?

  • Celebrate success, it is so important to celebrate great achievements!
  • Enable ourselves and our staff to transform ideas into reality.
  • Meeting customers, there is nothing more rewarding to help them to be successful!

3. What’s the best compliment you got from a customer?

There has been so much positive feedback so far, from every customer we had. The best feedback was maybe from our first host in Paddington, she was super critical and very sceptical towards Airbnb and us.

They went for a honeymoon and were keen to recover some of their costs. They trusted us at the end and when they returned, she was over the moon, not only having the money already on her bank account but returning to a home that was cleaner and nicer than they had left.

Since then she has been one of the our best promoters and you can find her story on our website.

Eco Business Success

4. What green, sustainable practices do you do in your business?

We use sustainable amenities and are currently working on carbon neutral transport options for guests as a part of our concierge program.

5. How do you make things lighter or hassle-free when you manage your business?

We try to be paper free and have everything on our digital devices, starting from our inspection forms over to contracts.

Customer Satisfaction is the Primary Goal

6. What’s the best experience you have in the business so far?

Seeing the happy and thankful reaction of our customers!

7. What’s that one thing in your business venture that you’re really happy about?

We both love travelling, for us it is very fulfilling to enable our customers to go on holiday or have a better trip!

Alsco and MadeComfy Partnership

8. How does Alsco help your business?

Good quality and clean linen are essential for the service we provide. Alsco helps us by providing a product that always meets standards, is always on time and offer us flexible prices and minimum order quantities which is essential for a start-up business like ours.

9. Aside from the current services you’ve availed from Alsco, which Alsco service would you like to try? And why?

We also aim to have safe homes for our guests, we are planning to equip all the houses we manage with an Alsco First Aid Kit.

MadeComfy Logo

Alsco would like to thank Sabrina Bethunin of MadeComfy. With MadeComfy renting out your home whilst you are away is controlled, safe and secure.

For businesses that need high-quality bedroom and bathroom linen, contact Alsco – 1300 659 892! Our friendly representatives are waiting to serve you.

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Day/Night High Vis Workwear

Alsco Safety Software Benefits

“Seen and Safe” High Vis Range from Deane Apparel

Safety is a major concern in all workplaces. August 2012 saw the High Visibility standard AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 come into full effect. To prepare for this Deane Apparel, Alsco’s uniform manufacturer, has worked closely with a consultant who served on the ISO committee tasked with updating these standards. As a result a new, fully compliant range of both Day and Day/Night garments is available.

“The direct benefit to Alsco customers will be speed to market as the already taped and ready for dispatch range of Day/Night Vis garments has increased to a full range of both overalls and shirts and is now as wide as the Day Vis product line,” said Estelle Dean, Divisional Manager, Deane Apparel.

Photo of High vis day/night workwear
High vis day/night workwear

So what is a Compliant Garment?

Apart from the styling and placement of the retro-reflective tape which must comply with the guidelines specified in the standards, no garment is considered compliant unless it includes a label sewn into the garment stating compliancy with the 2011 publication and listing whether the garment is for Day or Day/Night usage. Logos are limited to no more than 50mm in height and Deane suggests the placement be limited to the locations specified in their posters.

Talk to your local Alsco representative to discuss how these guidelines may impact on the high visibility uniforms required in your workplace. Call now!


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Alsco Ecosafe Washer Part of the Action – V8 Supercar Partnership

Ecosafe Part of the Action

Alsco has an exciting partnership with one of Australia’s leading V8 Supercar teams, Brad Jones Racing (BJR). BJR is using the Ecosafe Parts Washer for the enormous job of cleaning the high tech alloys on their V8  vehicles.

When the BJR team saw the Ecosafe Parts Washer in action, they knew it was exactly what they needed. “They were looking for a better performing clean and healthier workplace for their people, which is exactly what the Ecosafe Parts Washer offers,” said Product Manager David Hiser.

The BJR team mechanic was concerned that through their regular cleaning process they were using too many solvents in confined spaces and wanted a product that would provide an exceptional clean without the health risks. “We offered BJR a tailor made cleaning solution perfect for high tech alloys,” said David. “Every time the team races they come back with several rims from the three cars run at each meet, so the cleaning requirements are huge. They’ve been using the Ecosafe Parts Washer for a few months now and are very happy with the environmentally responsible process, health benefits and end result.”

Jason Bright’s Compliment

As team driver Jason Bright explained, “In the high pressure world of V8 Supercars, we need products that can compete at the highest level. The Alsco Ecosafe Parts Washer offers the Brad Jones Racing team the highest performance clean without the associated health risks.”

The only V8 Supercar team to be based in a regional centre, in Albury NSW, BJR has one of the strongest pedigrees in Australian motorsport. With brothers Brad and Kim at the helm, BJR have won ten national titles in five different categories, in over 17 years of professional motorsport.

As part of this partnership, the Brad Jones Racing team offers free rides for V8 race customers as well as Alsco signage on their transportation trucks.

Alsco Ecosafe Washers

Alsco Ecosafe Washers are water based where oil and grease are transformed into water and carbon dioxide. Ideal for engine cleaning and industrial parts washing, the Ecosafe Washers provide an environmentally friendly alternative: no harmful chemicals, no fumes, non toxic, non flammable, no waste disposal and no health concerns. Available through a fully managed rental program, you can enjoy a free 2 week trial of the Alsco Ecosafe Parts Washer and discover the benefits for yourself. Watch the video demonstration of the Alsco car parts cleaner here.

Get started today! Contact Alsco for more information.

Green Office Reminder Poster: Reuse Office Supplies

Alsco Green Office Reminder Poster: Reuse Office Supplies

Going green demands that everyone get on board with changing office procedures and habits. We know your team is working hard enough already, so we created these handy posters to remind you of simple green ideas.

You can download them here and then print them. All you need is blu-tack, pushpins or glue.

Download PDF file (1.3 MB)

Other simple ways to ‘green your office’ include using green products such as floor mats made from recycled materials and continuous cloth towel for hand drying.

Alsco Evolution Mats

Alsco’s range of commercial mats and industrial mats now includes the Evolution Mat. In addition to a great range of features including thicker pile and premium quality, these mats are made from recycled materials, eliminating the need for raw production materials. The re-engineered materials also generate a more efficient product which uses less water and energy in the cleaning process.

For your convenience, Alsco provides a fully managed rental service, supplying clean, undamaged mats every time. Alsco is committed to improvements that promote environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Contact Alsco to enjoy a Free Evolution Mat Trial.


Image Courtesy: Pexels

Energy Saving Reminders – Turn Off Office Heaters

Turn off office heatersWe’ve all heard the expression ‘think global, act local’ right? Well it’s time to do just that! Download, print and hang one of our energy saving reminder posters and never again forget the little things we can all do to help the environment.

Download A4 poster [PDF 283 KB]

Download A3 poster [PDF 1.1 MB]

Anti-Fatigue Mats
Protect your employees from muscle fatigue and strains with Alsco’s anti-fatigue mats. Ideal for messy areas such as kitchens and workshops where slips, trips and muscle strains are more likely, Alsco’s wet areas mats offer a number of advantages: cushioning to reduce fatigue and noise; resistance to oils, solvents and water; and drainage holes to allow liquids/dirt to pass through. Most importantly, Alsco’s fully managed mat rental service means that mats are regularly picked up and exchanged for freshly laundered mats to comply with good hygiene practices. Contact Alsco to take advantage of our free one week trial.


Image Courtesh: Wolfgang Lonien