7 Ways To Make Your Employees Happier

Happy employees considering their work fun

Happy employees work hard– and smart. They make sure that every task they accomplish is done with their best efforts.

They enjoy being productive. They inspire and encourage their colleagues to do the same.

They spread happy, positive vibes all around the workplace and these happy, positive vibes can be very contagious.

What employer wouldn’t want that? Happy, smart, productive, and loyal employees who actually love what they do for the company, and also dream to see the business grow bigger day by day? No wonder why employee happiness is increasingly becoming a top priority for many companies nowadays.

That’s why many of the biggest companies bandy about the concept of work-life balance. Sadly, not everyone actually makes the effort to have this happen.

It’s something certainly worth investing in as happy employees are more productive, more creative, and likely to stay longer. That’s why we’ve compiled seven ways you can do this today.

1. Walk the Walk

Your employees tend to take their cues from you when it comes to their attitude at work– because you’re the boss, after all. If you approach them with near-perpetual seriousness, that’s the same attitude they’re going to carry around the workplace and towards their colleagues as well.

Boss with his employees having break
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Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to start goofing around and being a company clown. Being open about your own learning moments and being able to laugh at yourself not only lightens the mood, but also sets a good example for everyone to follow.

2. People Need to Laugh!

Many people think that being totally serious means everyone is working to be productive. Many times, overly formal atmosphere can be very oppressive and highly stressful.

It often helps to inject a bit of a break from the stressors to get people unwound. Lighten up! Do something different out of the blue just to break the ice, have a fun and engaging team building activity and get everyone involved.

Employees activities such as team building
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Organising the Alsco’s first aid training for employees is one cool way to do it. It stands out, will most likely be unexpected, and even teaches important life skills.

3. Evaluate Happiness

When we review our employees, it tends to involve some serious metrics like their performance, output quality, productivity, and the like. Why don’t we throw in a metric for happiness and job satisfaction?

Be open and communicate with your employees
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Ask them what they love about their job and what they don’t. Be attentive and help provide solutions if necessary. Make sure you also emphasize a truly open-door policy so they can vent and be honest.

4. Be the Optimist

No one likes bad news. No one. But sometimes, things don’t always go according to plan. While our knee-jerk reaction might be to scold and berate, that doesn’t help the situation.

A leader must always possess optimism
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A great way to go is to engage your employees. Get their opinions on what can and should be done to make things better. Encourage them to learn and apply those lessons for future success.

5. Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Small or big achievements, successes, birthdays–these are the things that your employees love to celebrate. Why not be a part of it a bit more?

Employee celebrating his birthday with colleagues
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Splurge for the snacks for little celebrations, organize a monthly event for celebrants, take them out for drinks when the success is particularly great. You make them feel that you care in this way and keep them happy.

6. Nip Negativity in the Bud

You know what kills happiness in the workplace? Gossip, politics, and jealousy. These are things that people tend to gravitate towards naturally, yes. But a smart employer knows how to identify and deal with these things.

Opening dialogues is a good way to go. Another way is to promote team pride with Alsco uniform rentals. We can provide a beautiful, personalized look for your teams to keep them united.

Open forum/dialogue with employees
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7. Keep Things Clean

Proper hygiene and cleanliness also go a long way towards employee happiness. No employee would enjoy coming into an office that isn’t properly clean and reeks of dust and dirt. Bacteria in the workplace can get employees sick and this definitely affects their mood to go to work.

Clean office loved by many employees
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That is why cleanliness in the office should never be taken for granted. With Fresh & Clean, you have many sanitation options that make sure your office is fresh and conducive to happy employees.

From standard services like:

  • hand hygiene
  • odour control
  • washroom services

to more specialized services like:

  • feminine hygiene
  • clinical services
  • first aid,

we’ve got it all.

Alsco has been one of the most reliable names when it comes to quality cost-effective commercial services. We provide highly-customizable services for businesses across here.

If you’re looking for ways to get things done better, call us today. Our friendly customer service representatives are more than happy to help you out!

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3 Unusual Benefits of Having Happy Colleagues

Men working happily while discussing different ideas

One of the most common causes of stress in professionals these days is work. No wonder why some people find it difficult to associate the word “happy” with “work”.

The workplace has long been associated with the serious and formal situations. This makes a lot of sense, considering that the productivity depends on how seriously a person approaches their work.

Today, however, many companies are adopting a more light-hearted stance when it comes to workplace conditions.

Also, when it comes to their employees’ well-being at work, modern companies do their best to boost it. There are three important benefits of having happy colleagues that you might not have thought of. Knowing these will help you improve your workplace and motivate your people to keep giving 100% in all that they do.

1. Friendships are stronger motivators

Why do your employees get so excited when Friday night draws near? The answer: because that is the time they get to spend with their friends and people that they care about!

If you manage to create a strong the sense of community in the workplace, your employees will start thinking of their colleagues as of close friends or even family, in a way. Once this happens, they will be excited to come in for work daily.

Male colleagues break time from work
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So how do you do this? The easiest way is to create a clean, relaxing area in the office where your employees can take a load off and bond with their teammates. You know what helps this? Delightful, pleasant aromas relax people like a charm!

Alsco has just the system for that with our odour control system from our Fresh & Clean product line. It releases selected aromas at intervals designed to subtly imbue any workplace area with a pleasing scent while eliminating unpleasant odours.

2. Team pride is work pride

Healthy competition will always improve the team spirit. So long as you keep things cordial and friendly, this kind of thing helps drive productivity among employees. The best way to accomplish this is to foster a sense of unity within teams. This is done with a classy and well-crafted uniform.

Successful workmates shaking hands
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Some may fringe a bit at the thought of a uniform, but that’s usually because they got uniforms that were not well designed. At Alsco, we provide a range of beautifully made, customizable uniform options you can buy or rent.

We offer many options to make these uniforms match your company’s own unique image and brand. With our particular brand of uniforms, it’ll be something that your employees will not complain about, and probably even look forward to wearing! More than that, it will make your colleagues feel like welcome players in a solid team.

3. Celebrating success breeds success

A lot of us do get it, work is work. But considering that work takes up a significant chunk out of our life it certainly does not help if your job feels like the grind. Some of the biggest companies in the world today have achieved that level of success because they know how to strike a balance between serious work and great fun.

Group of happy people working together
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For that, you have company sporting events, parties, and even employee recognition. Each of these has immense benefit in breaking up the monotony and weight of everyday. We even suggest you throw in an Alsco First Aid Training Seminar into the mix!

Sounds off? Of course not! It’s the kind of activity that lets your employees take a breather. At the same time, they get to learn new and useful life skills that could help them out beyond the office walls!

For over 50 years, Alsco has been the trusted name in reliable, cost-effective, focused services for a range of businesses.

We take care of everything from commercial linen services to uniform rentals. We provide a range of options that can be tailor-made to fit your company’s specific needs.

Reach out to us today and we can come up with solutions that will make your business flourish and grow. Our friendly customer service staff are more than happy to assist you!

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5 Unexpected Ways To Look At Employee Health

A happy female worker discussing company's growth

At the risk of sounding cliche’, we’re going to say it anyway: health is wealth.

Many companies today tend to bandy the term “the bottom line” a lot, referring to the importance of profitability in any business venture.

This “bottom line” is the result of the work that the employees put into their company. Therefore, the wellbeing of your employees should be important to you in more ways than one.

Increasingly, companies today are beginning to place emphasis on their employees’ health as a prime focus. To think of health as simply being about how well the body is faring misses the point.

However, a recent Workforce and Virgin Pulse survey found that many people (48.4 percent) understand that their physical, mental, and emotional health are closely interconnected. Together, they add up to general wellbeing.

Here are the five areas you probably didn’t think you need to explore when talking about your employee health:

1. Cleanliness

A health plan and maybe even gym membership are great things to offer to your employees. In fact, many companies likely already do.

But if you don’t deal with the core elements that contribute to poor health, you’re not really tackling the problem at its core. Many times, poor health comes from poor hygiene.

Installing hygienic systems like those on-offer from Alsco’s Fresh & Clean line make for a tough stance against contaminants and bacteria that tends to float around your average office.

Alsco’s Fresh & Clean offers a thorough assessment that will allow us to offer you products and services that are tailor-made with your company and your employees’ needs in mind.

2. Financial Security

A credit card for expensesWhile that steady paycheck you give out to your employees every month does take care of their financial needs, it still doesn’t help those who might have trouble with their budgeting!

Financial security and the sense of being in control help a great deal to relieve the stresses. Stress has tremendous effects on employee health.

You cannot do much to change bad spending habits of some of your employees. But you can lower that spending by offering healthy and affordable food alternatives in the office.

On top of that, you can also invest in programs and seminars that’ll teach your employees basic saving and budgeting tips that’ll make them wiser spenders.

3. Life Skills

Many times, working at an office may feel like an endless grind for cash. In a sense, it can’t be denied.

But if you want to really watch out for your employees’ well-being, it really helps to offer them a chance to improve their lives.

Increasingly, the introduction of lectures and seminars on a whole lot of relevant life skills has helped to boost overall morale and employee satisfaction in companies.

Alsco Training offers training programs that will give your employees a little extra when it comes to their day-to-day.

Our First Aid course, for example, is empowering and makes employees feel more in control in the face of any emergencies that might befall them in and outside work.

Couple that with our Emergency Response & Evacuations course and you also equip your office and your employees with a deeper sense of safety and security.

4. Dealing with FeelingsOfficemates discussing work matters

What a person feels inside often dictates the way they act. Inability to deal with some feelings can drastically decrease your employee well being. You may want to offer some help.

This might seem a little tricky because you can’t know and understand all that your employees go through, right?

Well, the key here is to give your employees the right tools to be able to find comfort. Encourage them to visit your HR department or even go for counselling in some severe situation.

Do not underestimate the impact of psychological trauma on your employee wellbeing.

5. Pleasant surroundings

It is not the same if you work in a old, mouldy, smelly place with no proper lights or in a beautiful office with big windows. Workplace matters a lot. And it is not that hard to make it pleasant.

Take a simple solution like the Fresh & Clean Odour Control system. This automatic, wall-mounted air freshener dispenses a measured dose of fragrance at intervals that you can program and control.

Sense of smell greatly affects our mood. So, these will allow you to fill your workplace with scents that comfort and relax your employees, subtly making them feel better while eliminating any unpleasant odour that may also affect their mood.

For over 50 years, Alsco has been the only company to call on when you need a wide range of reliable, affordable, and highly personalised services for your business. Alsco covers a whole gamut of services from commercial linen to uniform rentals.

We also provide Fresh & Clean hygienic systems that tend to the needs of your employees when it comes to comfort, hygiene, and good health.

Contact Alsco now if you care about upgrading your employee care programs. Our friendly customer service staff will find the best and the most affordable solution for you!

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Defibrillator Success Saves Alsco BGM

Smiling Talya Thomas and Ron Kemp

On a cold winters evening on July 18th 2016, at the gym inside the Avantidrome Cycling Velodrome in Cambridge, Ron Kemp (me) suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

This in layman’s terms essentially means I was “dead” on the floor. I had been exercising at the gym for around 20 minutes when the SCA occurred.

Another gym occupant hit one of the fitted “panic buttons” and laid me in the recovery position. When the panic alarm sounded, the emergency procedures kicked into gear and people came running.

The Fastest Way To Save A Man’s Life

One of the people to get to me immediately was Talya Thomas, who works in the café attached to the Avantidrome Cycling complex. Talya, who has been accepted to begin training in 2017 as a paramedic, recognised from the symtoms that this was a cardiac issue, and that my heart had gone into fibrillation (not beating but electrical pulses going crazy).

She was immediately able to organise CPR and get me hooked up to a defibrillator that had been brought to the scene as part of the “panic alarm” procedures.

Within a short time Talya had administered three shocks in addition to performing CPR and my heart started back in rhythm prior to the ambulance arriving. An ambulance arrived within 12 minutes and I was transported to Waikato Hospital still in an unconscious state.

The Recovery Period

I spent the next 3 days on life support in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at Waikato Hospital where I was diagnosed, after an angiogram, to have major restrictions in several of my heart arteries. While in ICU I was on a ventilator, as well as all the other wiz bang gadgets they could find to plug in to me and my body temperature was kept very low to aid in recovery.

On the Thursday I had recovered sufficiently to be transferred to CCU (Cardiac Care Unit) to await the procedure recommended by the Cardiologist. On the Monday, 7 days after my SCA, I had 3 stents inserted into my heart arteries under a procedure called an angioplasty.

Fortunately this is a fairly non-invasive way of fixing the immediate heart issue.  THE SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST SURVIVOR - RON KEMP

Due to other injuries sustained when I collapsed while having the SCA, I remained in hospital for 3 additional days.

Recovery has been a slow affair as I needed to take time to understand what happened and what changes needed to be made immediately.

Slowly Going Back To Normal Life

It was around 10 days before I could speak with any confidence, probably a result of having a ventilator down my throat.

The part of the body to take the longest to recover has been the chest cavity as the CPR done correctly often cracks or breaks ribs.

It has taken around 6 weeks for my chest to heal sufficiently to be able to contemplate a return to work.

Some history regarding the Avantidrome – In 2012 when the Avantidrome was being constructed, Alsco submitted a proposal for a level of sponsorship in addition to the supply of washroom dispensers, consumables, First Aid, Civil Defence and a Defibrillator.

This sponsorship package, worth a considerable sum per annum to the Avantidrome, was agreed, and all dispensers were fitted by myself and Peter Martin (now Business Manager, Napier).

The defibrillator was installed and Alsco ran several training sessions for staff in the operation of the defibrillator, in addition to organising multiple First Aid Trainings for staff since 2013.

To be the first person to have needed the defibrillator at this site is kind of crazy.

The Real Deal About Sudden Cardiac Arrest

There are many stories of people surviving an SCA but the survival rate is approximately 6% of people who have a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital and approximately 24% of people who are in hospital at the time of their SCA.

It needs the right people at the right time, with a defibrillator, for this to happen. There are on average 10 SCA’s in NZ daily. In most incidents there is no warning an SCA is about to happen. I am now on a graduated return to work plan, still aware that I have been incredibly lucky to have survived.

My story has been great for our Sales Executives as a sales tool and as you can imagine I have become an ambassador for the placement of as many defibrillators in the market as possible.

Ron Kemp, BGM, Alsco Hamilton NZ