10 Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life, Others at Work

Safety message for everyone

When people think about workplace accidents, they often automatically associate them with high-risk jobs, such as construction, manufacturing, fire fighting, police, etc.

However, accidents can happen everywhere – at home, in the streets, in the office, and most likely in an industrial workplace.

This is the reason why workplace safety needs to be taken seriously. It is every company’s responsibility to make sure that their workplace meets safety standards and provides a safe environment for everyone working in it. Usually, when protocols aren’t followed, there is a higher risk of serious injuries.

While accidents still happen no matter how careful you are, it pays to still follow safety tips to save your life and your co-workers as well:

1. Wear the appropriate uniform/s for the task

Workers wearing their proper uniform
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Image by NAVFAC

Some employees may not understand the importance of wearing the appropriate uniform at work. Make sure your staff knows the real purpose of uniforms in the workplace.

Uniforms and protective garments, vests, or identification cards were given to every employee for uniformity and protection purposes. These uniforms have functional benefits, including the safety of a worker.

High visibility uniforms can prevent workers from being struck by motorized vehicles. Flame resistant (FR) workwear can help reduce the risk of injuries from accidents like electrical arc flashes or flash fires.

2. Remind Workers to Be Alert at all Times

Most workplace accidents can be avoided by simply being alert to hazards and following safety rules. Remind your staff to always be alert and have presence of mind especially when their work involves safety risks.

When work conditions at a workplace change, unexpected new hazards develop. This is why it’s important that workers stay alert to watch out for these changes in the environment.

3. Don’t assign workers to jobs they are not trained for

Three male employees having their training
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Image by NASA/James Blair

Saying ‘no’ can sometimes be difficult for employees. Some employees say yes to whatever task is given to them just to give the impression that they’re dependable, jacks of all trades.

But if accidents can happen while they’re doing their regular tasks, what more the tasks that they are not supposed to do? Tasks that they were not trained to do?

It’s okay to assign employees on new tasks so they get to try new things and prove that they’re reliable and versatile but safety always has to come first. It’s okay to assign different tasks if you think it will not cost their life or job or other’s as well. And if an unfamiliar task can pose risks to a worker’s safety and the safety of the people around him/her, then it’s best to assign tasks only to those who were trained for them.

4. Be available for all sorts of consultations with employees

It’s important that employees always consult a supervisor before doing tasks especially the new ones. So make sure you are always available for those times when they are in doubt and would need a superior’s advice or help. Sometimes if you’re too comfortable doing your job, there’s a tendency to slack, relax or be complacent.

5. Organise regular emergency drills

Safety actual drills
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Image by Lance Cpl. Donald Holbert

Companies or building management conduct fire/earthquake drills for a reason. Don’t take them for granted. Ignorance doesn’t excuse anyone. Emergencies happen unexpectedly, it may take you by surprise, so make sure you are ready and you know what to do.

6. Form a rescue team

Having a team to look after everyone in cases of emergencies is nice and comforting. Companies should form a medic team or rescue team that is responsible for managing the rest of the workers.

The responsibility of the team is to calm down workers in case of emergencies, giving first-aid or immediate treatments, monitoring possible hazards, and accounting people.

7. Safety first

Safety reminders for everyone
Photo Courtesy of Flickr Image by Michael Coghlan

Employers should always prioritise the safety and health of their workers no matter what. Making them feel you value their safety over profit means a lot to employees and it can go a long way.

Employees often repay their employer’s kindness with faithfulness, honesty, hard work, and enthusiasm. This directly translates to increased productivity.

8. Put up safety reminders and First Aid posters

In order to avoid future accidents at work and keep everyone aware of the importance of workplace safety, make sure to post safety reminder signs or First Aid posters that are visible to all employees.

Require everyone to read and understand these posters. Sometimes, even when reminder posters are already all over the place, some employees won’t read them so it’s best to make sure that they are aware and have clearly understood the risks involved with their work.

9. Follow safety program of your workplace

Strips, trips, falls poster for safety
Photo Courtesy of Flickr Image by Jennifer Boyer

For employers, install safety programs that employees should follow. It’s for your safety and theirs as well. Make sure they follow them.

10. Check for safety hazards

Look out for possible causes of accidents and report it to the proper authority/management. It pays to be curious. Report damaged stairs, faulty wirings, or busted lights to the management. Do not wait for accidents to happen before you tell them.

Both employers and employees can take many precautionary measures to prevent an accident at work. However, a worker who follows the safety measures and procedures set by the employers for the workplace will most likely be able to prevent future accidents.

OSHA’s Injury and Illness Prevention Programs can pinpoint specific hazards in the workplace and give management a detailed evaluation with tips for improvement. Every office and small business can and should take advantage of it.

We cannot discount human errors that fall through the cracks simply because they’re overlooked, even when there are specific safety requirements for individual industries, which employers need to meet.

Put safety first. Workers and employers often ignore safety when rushing to meet deadlines. But it pays to be safe always and enforce safety measures.

When it comes to workplace health and safety, Alsco is a name to trust. We provide a wide range of services and products that help businesses like you keep the workplace a safe environment for employees and visitors alike.

From industrial workwear to anti-slip mats, and even First Aid services. Call us today and we’ll help you find the best safety solutions for your workplace!

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Here’s Why You Need A Laundry Service For Your Business

Five green heavy duty washing machines

Doing the laundry can take a lots of time out of your day. And if you’re running a business, this task will take your attention away from other important things and prevent you from getting other things accomplished.

If it’s hard enough to do laundry at home while trying to get other chores done, can you just imagine how much harder it is for businesses such as restaurants or hotels?

This is why hiring a laundry service to take care of your linens and laundry needs is great idea.

Whether you’re running a hotel or a restaurant or a cafe, using a laundry service will be incredibly helpful in your day-to-day operations. You won’t have to worry about running all over the workplace just to put another load in the washing machine. Instead, you can focus on other tasks that need more attention.

Below are some of the advantages of using a steam laundry service as well as some of the disadvantages.

Why Hire a Laundry Service?

It’s convenient

Having to pay a company to do your laundry for you may sound like a disadvantage but in the long run, this downside can be heavily outweighed by the level of convenience that you get when someone else takes care of all your laundry.

With the help of a laundry service, your employees will no longer feel overwhelmed with work again. Since they won’t have to deal with the cleaning process too, they will be able to focus in and control the whole linen process a lot easier.

In hotels, for example. Without at laundry service, it’s the employees that will have to deal with washing dirty linen and toiletries such as towels, aside from changing them. This kind of workload and workflow and may cause more pressure than necessary on employees and stress them out to the point of leaving their jobs.

With a laundry service, housekeeping employees can just simply send the dirty linen away to be cleaned, and receive only clean linen.

It saves a lot of time

Time is gold for everybody. So for businesses, it’s of the utmost essence. Most employees follow strict deadlines so if they have to run back and forth from the laundry room to clean and take care of dirty laundry, they won’t be able to spend as much time dealing with their other important tasks.

With a laundry service, everyone has more time to focus on other equally important tasks that they probably won’t be able to properly work on if they still had to do the laundry themselves.

Person collecting the white linens for laundry
Photo courtesy from Pixabay by taniadimas

Save on laundry cleaning products

Choosing to do all of your laundry needs in-house would mean having to buy all of the necessary cleaning products yourself, which can be fairly expensive.

With a laundry service, you’ll no longer have to spend on cleaning products. The laundry service company purchases these products in bulk, at a cheaper cost, therefore making hiring them a much cost-efficient option compared to doing it yourself.

Go green without going broke

While going green is a great initiative that a lot of companies these days have been getting into, it can’t be denied that completely going green also means having to spend money on expensive environment-friendly equipment. It may work well for huge companies but it might not for the smaller ones and those that are just starting out.

The good thing is, you can still help save the environment by choosing a laundry service company that uses environment-friendly equipment and incorporates going green practices into their services.

You need to be wise in choosing a laundry service

It can be costly

Hiring a laundry service can be costly. And the cost will depend on how many times your linens need to be changed on a daily basis. But while hiring a laundry service to take care of cleaning the linens may be pricey, you must keep in mind that if you were to do all of the laundry yourself, you would also end up having to pay for the equipment, cleaning products, and manpower, all of which will build up into a huge expense in the long run – probably even higher than how much hiring a laundry service would cost.

It’s true that expenses are a disadvantage, but the convenience of a laundry service heavily outweighs the expenses side of things.

A calculator and coins on top of the paper
Photo courtesy from Pixabay by falovelykids

You won’t be too sure of process

Another downside to hiring a laundry service is you won’t be too sure about the process of how your laundry was cleaned and what kinds of equipment and products were used because your laundry is being dealt with elsewhere.

This can easily be solved though, with an extensive research on the laundry service companies you’re going to be choosing from. There are laundry services that use products that are completely safe and by no means harmful and top quality equipment that won’t damage your linen nor environment.

Standard cleaning process

Because the services are standardised, sending your linens to a laundry service means they will take care of it the way they treat other linens.

If you have invested in purchasing high-quality linen, then it’s best to do some research first on the best ways to wash the kinds of linen you have. Ask the laundry service company if they would be able to do a special washing method for your linens.

Chinese woman holding a pink cloth
Photo courtesy from Pixabay by auntmasako

There are laundry services that are open to customers’ requests for a special method of cleaning their laundry. If your linen is best cleaned with a steam laundry, then look for a company that offers steam laundry services. Otherwise, laundry services will simply deal with it using their standard products and machinery.

Now, how much do you really need a laundry service?

It all comes down to how much laundry you need to take care of. If it’s too much for your employees to juggle with their other responsibilities, hiring a laundry service may be the best option to lighten up the load.

As every business grows, more and more work will need to be outsourced to help you keep your day-to-day activities in control. And when it comes to whether or not a laundry service would be of much use, it is pretty obvious that the advantages easily outweigh the disadvantages.

Incorporating a laundry service into your business operations will help smoothen your workflow, make it easy for your employees to focus on their other tasks, reduce your carbon footprint, and save you a lot of time and money.

Alsco offers steam laundry services to small and large businesses all over Australia. And if you need fresh, clean, and quality linens, we also offer a comprehensive range of linen for rent to suit your needs. Call us today!

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Take Workplace Hygiene Seriously

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in 2017 and has been updated in July 2020, with more recent studies and accurate information.  

Hygiene is a measure of people’s way of life.

When it comes to the workplace, cleanliness and personal hygiene are of utmost importance and are always included in company policies. After all, no boss wants their employees looking unkempt, right?

Employees represent the company they work for. This means that it is not enough to just dress professionally. Professionals need to exhibit other traits, such as flawless hygiene.

Every workplace needs to be hygienic not just for the sake of their reputation, but also for the health and safety of their customers, visitors, and employees.

One of the best ways to ensure excellent workplace hygiene is to implement hygiene policies that all parties are required to adhere to. Below are the top reasons why everyone needs to take workplace hygiene seriously.

1. Your Employees Will Be Happier

The work environment can greatly influence an employee’s satisfaction at work. Happy and content workers are productive and driven to do their jobs well.

When people are happy at their workplace, they don’t think about changing jobs. They stay loyal to a company where they are treated well, which in turn reduces employee turnover.

The simple act of keeping your workplace clean is one way to make your employees want to stay.

Below are some simple tasks that ensure comfort for everyone in the workplace:

  • Clean the windows regularly to let the natural light in
  • Regularly empty the trash cans
  • Clean washrooms on a regular basis
  • Scent rooms with a light air freshener at regular intervals
  • Ensure occasional deep cleans of the office washrooms

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Managed Washroom Service
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Odour Control
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Intensive Biological Treatment
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2. Your Company Image Will Improve

Employees are not the only ones roaming around the office. Clients, suppliers, and investors sometimes pay a visit, too. The last thing you want is for them to be turned off by a messy, unorganised and dirty workplace.

We all know the saying, ‘the first impression is the last impression’ and poor workplace hygiene can create a negative first impression for your company. Not to mention, words travel faster than light. A client or a supplier will be unlikely to take you seriously if they have the impression that you are not keeping your offices in order.

How can they trust you with more serious tasks, like their business? Consequently, they may decide to take their business elsewhere.

Your workplace cleanliness and hygiene directly reflects your company’s core values so make sure people will have only good things to say.

If your workplace is unhygienic, there is the possibility that an important visitor may get sick, leading to even bigger problems for your company image.

Psychology says humans and animals are wired to be repulsed by filthy environments and disease. Nobody wants their office space to be the place where somebody got ill. Perfect office hygiene will prevent that from happening.

3. Your Employees Will Be Healthier

An unhygienic workplace increases cases of employee absenteeism, costing your business a considerable amount of money. If you have substandard hygiene in the office, expect more and more employees to take sick days.

By implementing proper work hygiene, you will be able to stop harmful viruses and bacteria from spreading all over the office, ensure a safe and healthy work environment, and reduce health risks for everyone. These efforts include ensuring sanitary washrooms are equipped with hand washing stations and supplies, as well as feminine hygiene units

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Hand Hygiene
Equip your workplace with soaps, sanitisers, dryers and anti-bacterial moisturisers.
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Washroom Sanitisers
Ensure a safe and healthy toilets for all your employees by installing handy sanitisers.
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Urinal or WC Deep Clean
Make sure that the germs cannot survive in your toilets and stop them from spreading.
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Effectively maintaining workplace hygiene by investing in hygienic workplace facilities may cost money initially, but it will pay for itself eventually through your employees’ improved productivity and reduced absenteeism. The benefits you will reap from a hygienic workplace makes it all worth it.

4. You Will Prevent the Spread of Bacteria and Viruses

Making sure that your workplace adheres to basic standards of hygiene will help diminish the spread of disease-carrying bacteria and viruses that can be rampant in shared spaces like office kitchens and washrooms.

Aside from having cleaning rules for everyone to follow, it’s also best to educate everyone on the importance of keeping every corner of the office clean and treating these shared facilities with a high level of respect.

Many employees are oblivious to the fact that their workstations, especially their desks, are a common breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The average office desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat! Help them keep their workplace environment sanitary at all times.

An unhygienic workplace packed with bacteria means that everybody in the office is a potential carrier of a disease. They can transfer it to their families and friends and, if you are dealing with a highly contagious disease, it can even start a mini-epidemic.

5. You Can Reduce Slips, Trips, and Falls

If your workplace is being cleaned on a regular basis, there is a very slim chance of accidents occurring resulting in employees getting injured.

This also means that a filthy office increases the chance of accidents such as slips, trips, and falls. The culprit behind these horrible and dangerous incidents? Dirty and slippery floors.

To help prevent injuries make sure all your office floors are cleaned on a regular basis and that you have proper mats placed in areas where slips, trips, and falls are most likely to happen.

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Anti Fatigue Mats
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Wet Area Mats
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Dust Control Mats
The first barrier between your workspace and the outside dirt and dust.
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  • Wet-area mats will reduce incidents of slipping by containing the liquid beneath it and acting as a barrier between the slippery floor and feet.
  • Anti-fatigue mats provide a better surface for standing for your employees. This means that prolonged periods of standing will be easier on their legs, joints and back. Consequently, they will be less tired and less likely to get hurt. Individuals that are fatigued are more likely to trip and fall.
  • Dust control mats reduce the amount of dust, dirt and germs brought in from the outside. A good mat helps by not allowing dust and dirt to turn the entrance into a slippery area.

A clean workplace is a safe and healthy workplace. And a healthy workplace helps grow a business and achieve its goals.

Let Alsco Help You With Your Hygiene Efforts

Your workplace environment creates a powerful impression on your potential customers and investors. Alsco has helped over 43,000 companies in Australia, improve their workplace safety and hygiene.

Alsco is a trusted partner when it comes to keeping workplace hygiene up to standard. We offer quality, eco-friendly, and personalised services and products.

These services are mainly offered on a rental basis which means that you don’t have to think about capital outlay, or when you last replenished your washroom supplies. All you need to do is contact your local branch and set up a regular managed rental service with Alsco.

Improve your workplace hygiene by calling us and we’ll help you find the best solution, carefully tailored to your specific business needs.

7 Ways Your Business Benefits from Safety Posters

Construction site safety signage

Many organisations have recognized the need to improve the safety measures within their workplace. It is important to ensure that every employee observes the highest safety standards to protect themselves and other employees from possible workplace hazards.

The common measures used by companies to further educate employees about safety include the use of posters. Efficient safety posters can either contain vivid, easy to understand illustrations about safety measures and practices or display phrases that communicate the importance of practising the best safety standards.

The use of safety posters is very effective. It is a constant reminder to the employees and even the visitors to the workplace areas that there are safety risks or possible hazards. Accidents can be avoided by practising the right safety measures.

Therefore, safety posters help create a high level of safety consciousness in the workplace. They keep employees from being careless or reckless when handling hazardous and dangerous objects in the workplace. In that way they improve the safety culture in any workplace.

1. Reduce responsibility of the employer in case of injuries

There can still be accidents in the workplace despite the safety posters that have been put up all around the workplace. These accidents can happen as a result of negligence on the part of the employees.

In a case like this, the company will not be held responsible for the injuries suffered by the reckless employees because they have adhered to the rules mandating that safety posters should be put up in the workplace.

The organisation is responsible for making this information available to the employees and it is the responsibility of the employees to carry out their duties in the workplace with a good consideration for safety.

2. Increase safety consciousness among employees

Every employee that works for an organisation that has taken the issues of safety seriously by putting up safety posters in the workplace will have a high level of safety consciousness which will be practised both at work and in their homes.

Smiling executives with an architect
Photo Courtesy of Freepik Image by Pressfoto

Employees who are feeling safe at their workplace are also happier and more loyal than those that don’t have this feeling of security. Satisfied and careful employees are, therefore, more productive and take less sick days. All this means a more productive business and increased sales.

3. Show the company’s commitment to safety

It is easy to determine a company’s attitude towards safety by observing their dedication and commitment to spreading the word about it.

The use of safety posters has been proven to be effective in achieving this form of communication in the workplace. Carefully designed and positioned posters show effort and dedication to keeping the employees safe. They should be among the first things seen when coming in or out of the company’s facilities.

The right use of safety posters will go a long way in convincing the employees that the management puts them and their safety first.

4. Send the right message quickly and efficiently

Safety posters have been designed to carry messages that are easy to understand. Common features of safety posters include vivid illustrations and direct messages, conveyed in a bold and direct manner using simple English.

The common messages conveyed by safety posters can include:

  • Warnings about potential hazards
  • Emergency measures in the case of an accident
  • Safety practices related to the operations within the workplace
  • All other relevant information that are beneficial to the employees who frequent the workplace.
A workplace safety posters
Photo Courtesy of Flickr Image by Daniel X. O’Neil

Safety posters always keep the workers alert while they are carrying out their duties. Everyone is aware of the worst accidents that can happen and they know how to prevent them from happening.

5. Motivate the employees

Employees who work in an environment where there are good safety posters will be encouraged to practice safety precautions in the workplace not only for their own safety but also for their co-workers’ safety. This will promote unity among the employees who will look out for the safety of every team member while they work.

6. Reduce cost by decreased work accident claims

There will be fewer reasons to spend a huge amount of money in settling bills when the workers do not suffer from injuries in the workplace. The investment in safety posters will translate to better savings for the company as there will be a reduction in the likelihood of accidents happening.

A close-up photo of busy businesswoman
Photo Courtesy of Freepik Image by Pressfoto

7. Prevent accidents

It is actually smarter to prevent the occurrence of an accident than to deal with its consequences. It is better to invest in safety posters at a cost that cannot be compared to the price of dealing with the adverse effects of an accident.

Safety posters save the time that would have been spent organising daily meetings to intimate the employees about these safety procedures and practices. They are always there, openly displaying the safety messages.

When it comes to workplace safety, Alsco is a trusted name in helping businesses achieve health and safety for everyone.

Aside from our cost-efficient, environmentally friendly workplace solutions, we also offer First Aid training for employees – and free downloadable workplace safety posters about proper first aid for workplace injuries as well as safety reminder signages.

Call us today and we’ll help you find the best workplace safety solution for your business.

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