7 Easy Workplace Workouts You Should Try In Your Office

Inactivity has become a major concern among Australian workplaces. And for good reason. A whopping rise of sedentary jobs brings accelerated health threats. Prolonged sitting is cited as a major cause of rising rates of heart disease, cancer, type-2 diabetes and early death.

Luckily, we can do something about it. A recent review published in The Lancet Journal analysed 16 studies covering one million people from the western hemisphere. The results are promising. Exercising one hour a day will help you neutralise the increased health risks linked to too much sitting.

But much to your surprise (and relief) you don’t have to break a sweat. Brisk walking or cycling should do the job. It’s your employer’s call whether they’re going to promote better wellness within the workplace. But what can you do to stay active at the office?

You’ll find your answers here. And you’re going to like them since all the workouts we’ve listed are neither too strenuous nor require expensive equipment.

Try testing out our tips one at a time. Including one of them in your office hours routine each day will help you decide which ones feel right for you. You’ll fall in love with the feeling of well being before you know it.

1. Take Baby Steps With Easy 5-Minute Office Desk Workouts

Recent scientific studies warn us that sitting down for 8 hours a day at our desk jobs increases the risks of premature death to up to 60%.

We already know an hour’s walk or cycle can be a life-saver. But what if you can’t find the time for an hour of exercise?

Well, you can start fitting in 5-minute workout breaks each hour at work. These refresher breaks will not only benefit your body. They will stimulate your brain too and improve work performance.

Remember that even the smallest increase in activity is huge progress and may yield health benefits.

Try out these no-brainer office desk exercises.

2. Get There Faster: Take the Stairs!

Choosing stairs over the elevator is a convenient and affordable way to squeeze some exercise in to your busy day. It’s also an awesome way to make your bones healthier, lose those love handles and boost your happy hormones.

New South Wales Government have got some happy news for us too. 10 minutes of stair climbing burns 500 kj, making it a high calorie burning workout compared to other moderate level physical activities. Even two flights of stairs a day can make you 6 lbs lighter over the course of a year.

3. Quick is the New Ideal

Home Fitness Guru has got a gem of an idea for you. Of course, your goal is to pack your day with as much physical activity as you can. But if an hour or a half an hour workout is unmanageable, go for 15 minutes!

Don’t make the mistake of disqualifying your day if you can’t fit your ideal workout session in.

So, learn how to sneak in a workout at your office desk with fitness coach Dolvett Quince.

4. Fun Posters for a Fun Office Workout

Doing office exercises is easy as pie.

Get this stellar office workout poster and display it in line of sight to refresh you and your co-workers’ memory.

Office Workout Poster

5. Office Chair or An Exercise Ball?

Using an exercise ball as an office chair will help improve your posture and engage your otherwise dormant core and leg muscles.

But the experts say ditching that office chair once and for all is not a smart idea. Jessica Matthews, assistant professor of exercise science at Miramar College recommends alternating between the two throughout the day.

Sitting for more than 30 minutes on an exercise ball is not recommended. And standing up to swap chairs will also help relieve the stress on your spine.

Here’s how to use the ball properly.

6. Pump Up Those Office Telephone Calls

Another way to get up from that chair is to walk while having your office phone conversations. If you have a wireless phone or a headset and an office big enough this shouldn’t be a problem.

And the gains are too good to miss. This amazing easy-to-do activity will help you get fitter, relieve your back discomfort and regain your focus.

7. Make the Most of Your Office Lunch Break

There are times that you’re going to have to stay in the office glued to your screen when working on multiple projects and finishing tight deadline tasks. Yet, it’s backed by science that we can only be in effective focus mode for a 90-minute time span.

So, split your lunch break in two, making time for a decent meal and your pleasure activity. Taking a stroll on a sunny day wherever you find a green oasis will boost your wellness levels, and increase your cognitive resources.

It’s Not the Survival of the Fittest, It’s Mutual Support

The above office workouts are easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Becoming health-conscious at work is easier with mutual support. And it’s definitely more fun when you share a few fresh wellness ideas with your co-workers. So for more exciting ideas for you and your colleagues go and check out our surprisingly easy and fun employee wellness tips.

It’s an employer’s responsibility to provide a safe and clean working environment. And Fresh & Clean offers the support every employer would wish for.

Our complete workplace hygiene solutions will help you keep your employees healthy at work. We aim to keep your workplace germ-free and the entire process hassle-free. Our hygiene rental programs are available throughout Australia.

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7 Experts Give Their Best Tips On Opening A Restaurant

Been getting ideas for starting up your own restaurant business? Or been reflecting on the subject for a while already, but can’t seem to work out where to start from?

There are so many aspects to consider before embarking on this adventure. It can be overwhelming. You need to think about the design, fitout, positioning and service, with a good insight into the minds of your future customers.

In any case, devising a solid restaurant business plan is vital for your start-up success.

What may be hindering you in your new entrepreneurship can simply be the lack of sound advice! People can be ungenerous as far as sharing business secrets goes. And the internet is flooded with info which makes it challenging to dig up credible sources.

To that end, we’ve left no stone unturned. We’ve collected professional advice from business consultants, coaches and hospitality experts. They will help you get into gear to start and grow your own restaurant business. Let the rest be history.

1. Décor Counts Big Time

Michael Shen, a restaurant reviewer of ImStillHungry, says that customers put great value on service and décor. Both are inferior to food quality. But they can move the needle when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Alexandra Morris, a Sydney-based Commercial Interior Designer, stresses the importance of appointing a savvy designer with a portfolio of hospitality projects.

“Not only will they maximise the best use of your space, they will guide you through the procedures involved with council regulations as well as making sure the overall design meets Australian Standards and food codes.”

Paul Bolles-Beaven from Ushgnyc.com sees eye to eye with Morris about hiring a knowledgeable design specialist. They can help put the visual aspect in line with your concept, and your food and beverage offerings.

These Instagram restaurant decor ideas will help you kick-start your imagination.

2. Impress With Instagram Worthy Tableware and Table Linens

Customers relish sharing their food on social media almost as much as consuming it. The more picture-perfect your entire restaurant visuals are, the more likely you will get posted on Instagram or Facebook.

Aside from enhancing food flavour, inviting tableware and table linen will entice customers to talk about you. Top this up with an exciting menu and your customers will be more than happy to share their awesome experience on their social networks.

Here are a few insider tips for buying restaurant tableware.

Also, give your Instagram followers a buzz by really nailing it with your food styling. Here are a few Instagram worthy food styling hacks from Aliza J. Sokolow, a photographer who’s been shooting and styling food for some of the top chefs around the globe.

3. Learn the Science of Colour

We’ve picked the brain of Protech Hospitality savvy designers for advice on choosing the right colours for a restaurant.

“Colours play an important role in generating a hospitable environment in cafés or restaurants. The colour that is rarely seen in cafes is blue. The reason behind that lies in its ability to distract one’s mind away from food.

On the other hand, colours like orange, red and green stimulate the appetite and increase cravings. This is why the right colour combination will not only help you maximise hospitability but will also generate customer satisfaction.”

4. Use SEO to Bring People In

Carlos Swinton-Lee of Bar & Restaurant Consultants shared that digital marketing and SEO are still by far the most effective ways to bring more customers in.

Keep your site active and your blog rolling with fresh, relevant content. This will help you boost your Google rankings. Get yourself listed on Google My Business. This helps people find you when they’re browsing on Google Search or Maps. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Respond to reviews on Trip Advisor and other 3rd-party platforms to stay current in the e-world of food. Use SEO tools on your website to target local searches and gain more Google exposure.

“Converting your audience to paying customers is a little more tricky. It cannot be done with marketing alone., Reputation will always spread far and wide so concentrating on a quality experience with great service and a fantastic product is paramount.” – Carlos Swinton-Lee

5. Peek Through Your Facebook Window

Carlos further advocates for Facebook as a great tool for highly targeted marketing. You can sift through your potential audiences using variables such as age group, area and lifestyle.

The founder of Marketing4Restaurants.com, James Eling reminds us to define our digital marketing objectives:

“Remember, Facebook marketing for restaurants is not about how many Likes you have. It is about having the right objectives, and that is usually finding more new customers and turning them into repeat customers.”

6. Master the Art of Customer Loyalty

Nicole Kelly of the Restaurant & Catering Industry Association shares with us her best customer loyalty hack. It’s remembering your guests’ birthdays (via Facebook), a favourite dish or wine style.

Adding a personal touch and giving them something in return for coming in will help turn them into regulars. So, come up with a loyalty program installed on your Point of Sales (POS) System that will record customers purchases and facilitate collecting points and rewards.

Open, Outsource, Outplay!

Using our expert tips will help you sail through the process of opening up your own food business. Also, check out Alsco’s extensive list of 126 restaurant business plan ideas for more awesome tips from industry experts.

Don’t forget, however, that running a busy restaurant is hard work. When you grow a brisk business, it’ll be time to think about farming out tasks that are clogging your workflow. This will allow you to devote to your core tasks and work on growing your business.

So, let Alsco take care of all your linen and workwear supplies and deliver them to you spotlessly clean. We have unrivalled experience in restaurant linen and workwear rental and laundry services, so you can safely rely on us.

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Table Clothes
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During our long history of service to Australian businesses, we’ve racked up an impressive number of loyal customers. That’s where we score over our opponents and where you will score over too when you create a partnership with us.

Ring us now and we will help you spruce up your restaurant and over impress your customers.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr Images by Scott Ableman

Play It Safe: How to Keep Your Workplace First Aid Kits Restocked and Updated

It’s one of those action-packed days at work. A new product is about to be launched and everyone is working their socks off to bring preparations to a close on time.

That’s when one of your team suffers an injury. You reach your first aid cabinet and search for some gauze swabs to realise there is none.

As an entrepreneur, you should make sure your workplace safety is your primary focus.

All Australian workers are under the protection of the WHS Act. And you are legally responsible to provide your workers with first aid kits, facilities and trained personnel. At all times.

Often the main culprit of a workplace injury complication is the lack of first aid supplies. Being prepared at all times for workplace emergencies will help you save yourself a lot of headaches.

So, forestall workplace incidents by knowing how to restock your first aid supplies and keep them up-to-date with complex, ever-shifting regulations. Keep reading and you’ll find out how.

Our simple guidelines are going to help you untangle the complex plot of managing your workplace first aid supplies.

Know Which Industry-Specific First Aid Kit Supplies You Need

Are you stocked up? Do you know the essentials suitable for your specific workplace?

What you need to stock in your emergency first aid kit depends on your industry and type of workplace. So, you pick your first aid kit contents based on a risk assessment. Things you should consider is the nature of the business, the typical hazards involved, and the number of employees.

Certain workplaces may be at a higher risk for certain types of injuries than others. Restaurants may include some additional bandages since working with sharp knives can cause more cuts. For steel welders who need to endure dust and fumes, it’s good to have some extra eye-pads at hand.

Here’s a checklist of some basic items to stock up your workplace first aid kits with:

  • Bandages of different shapes and sizes
  • Absorbent Compress
  • Adhesive tape
  • Antiseptic solution or towelettes
  • Cold pack or ice bag
  • Elastic bandage for sprains and strains
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Sterile latex gloves
  • Sterile eyewash
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Eye covering
  • Cotton balls and cotton-tipped swabs
inside the first aid kit - first aid stocks
First Aid kits for different industry available here

Review, Restock, Refill and Repeat

You’ll have no use for an emergency first aid kit if you toss it away in an office corner and forget all about it until an emergency arises. It should be kept fully stocked at all times.

So it’s best to stick to recommendations of restocking it every 3 to 6 months. Reassessing and restocking your emergency supplies should be entrusted to your first aiders and put on the top of their to-do list.

You can have your very own DIY first aid kit but having a managed first aid kit ensures it is restocked and up to date at all times.

In order to maintain your office first aid kits properly, your first aiders should perform these tasks regularly:

  • Monitor access to the first aid kit and ensure items are replaced as soon as practicable after use.
  • Undertake regular annual audits (at a bare minimum) to ensure the kit contains a complete set of the required items and that they comply with standards (an inventory list in the kit should be signed and dated after each audit).
  • Make sure items are in good working order, are not damaged or worn out, that they are within their expiry dates.

Make Sure Your First Aid Kits are Up to Date and WHS Compliant

Maybe one of the trickiest questions is how to keep current with ever-changing WH&S legislation. This situation causes massive confusion in Australian workplaces, and legitimately so. Yet, failing to have fully stocked and up to date, first aid supplies can lead to heavy fines of up to $3,000,000.

Under WHS laws, as a business owner, you’re obliged to undertake a first aid risk assessment of your workplace. You’re further obliged to stock your first aid kits with appropriate modules based on the hazards identified and to keep the kits regularly updated and serviced and have sufficient numbers of first aiders.

Use our quick first aid checklist to measure your workplace against the required standards. And check out our Beginner’s Guide To First Aid Workplace Compliance to look into the subject more thoroughly.

Or Use First Aid Restocking Signs and Dial Alsco for Help

Auditing and replacing your first aid stocks as soon as they’re depleted is the smart way to go. And the only way that guarantees safety for your employees. Trust us, you don’t want to make a blunder in these matters.

Renting your first aid kits could save you the trouble of constantly replacing your stock and bearing hefty initial costs. It could help you forget all about the bother of keeping up to date with complex WHS regulations and going through excessive red tape.

Fortunately, you can rely on Alsco to do all this on your behalf. Our Managed Rental First Aid Services offer hospital grade supplies, quarterly servicing and regular restocking. For one fixed annual fee!

Why us? Well, we’ve got a knack for keeping your workplace safe, secure, and 100% WHS compliant. Irrespective of the type of workplace. We’ve got kits suitable for each line of work.

Our service begins with a complete survey of your workplace to determine compliance requirements. And when you need restocking or refills of your emergency supplies, all you have to do is dial up our special hotline and your items will be replaced. That’s it!

Get your Restocking Signs here!

Play It Safe and Smart

Making health and safety part of your core company values will make you a secure and talent competitive company. It will help you reduce your turnover rates and make your current employees feel safe and in turn be more productive. However incorporating safety management into your business operations is not an easy feat.

So, let Alsco take care of it for you! Take advantage of our first aid kit rental service to save time and money, avoid hefty WHS fines, and keep your staff healthy, happy, and safe.

It will allow you to take a breather from non-core tasks and do some real business. And most importantly, set you free from worrying about your workplace safety. Thousands of Australian companies already entrust their workplace safety to us. Just dial Alsco now, and you’re all set.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Images by KOMUnews

Staying Healthy At Work: 6 Nutrition Tips Every Employee Should Know

Working 8-hour shifts (or longer) and meeting on and off work duties often renders us with almost zero time to go healthy with food. Even if we’re keen on eating well.

Unhealthy eating is being labelled as a new form of occupational hazard. So employers should be on a lookout for a good employee wellness-boosting program.

Omnipresent unhealthy food choices are making us yield to temptations. And they’re always an easier choice, as a rule. Especially if you have a history of bad eating habits.

Anyone who has tried to cut down on naughty foods knows it’s dead hard to go cold turkey when changing eating patterns.

Yet if you really want to improve your health and wellness, there are some quick and available ways to do it. Healthy food is getting trendier than ever before, so you can find some awesome healthy alternatives even in supermarkets.

Problem is, you need to get your head around all that wellness information overload.

That’s why our list of nutrition tips for working employees is perfect for you! We’ll uncover how to have a complete diet makeover, from initial shopping steps to food preparation. Get yourself comfortably seated, and ready for some lifestyle-changing info.

1. Start Smart In Your Office Pantry With a Portion Size Poster

Guided by misconceptions, many people’s dietary changes end up with nothing but disgraceful attempts. Fast result slimming diets are neither effective nor healthy.

What you need is a long-term orientation towards healthier eating. But the first step is to control your portion size. You can still relish a generous portion of your favourite naughty food delight once in a while. But making portion control your priority wellness goal will turn it into a powerful habit.

Put up this Portion Size Guide on your office pantry or office fridge and tweak your portions a little. Your future self will thank you for it.

2. Smart Water Bottles at your Work Station? Absolutely!

Not sure where to start on your journey to better health? Let it be water. Staying hydrated will help kick-start your grey cells and water down excessive food cravings. That’s just to get you started with.

A new hot way to keep track of your recommended eight 8-ounce glasses a day is a smart water bottle. A blink indicator will remind you when it’s time to down some water.

And there’s a cool app you can sync with your bottle via Bluetooth to control your daily, weekly and monthly intake. Awesome, right?

3. Have your own Healthy Eating Routine and Stick to It.

Nowadays, you can easily get your hands on a bunch of mouth-watering healthy recipes. But what is your compass in handling the entire process from shopping and preparation to consumption?

Always stick to the rule of having at least four meals a day! But you can also ask yourself these 6 questions to help you stay oriented.

And if you really want to ditch unhealthy eating patterns at work, this 6-word guide might become your eating bible. It comes from the Nutrition Force and offers some ingenious organisational tips.

Download and print out this fantastic guide. Examine it thoroughly. It’ll help you every step of the way.

4. Delve Into the Salad World During your Breaks

Are you one of those people who finds salads unworthy of a separate meal dignity? Just don’t find it as spectacular as traditional main dishes? Well, don’t be so quick to judge. Just take some time to delve into the salad world, and you’ll find not only healthy but also some scrumptious and filling recipes.

Put them to the test and then share them with your colleagues at work.

5. Plan your Office Lunch During the Weekend

Having a healthy eating routine at work requires some preparation. Otherwise, you’ll be swept away by emotional currents. And you could be easily tempted to reach for unhealthy comfort foods.

That’s why Caroline Trickey advises busy people to prepare some meals during the weekend and freeze them. Then unfreeze them during the work week when you don’t feel like cooking.

Her motto is “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.

So, she suggests making a weekly meal plan and displaying it in your kitchen. She even offers meal plans for different seasons and diet regimens. All worked out for you with recipes on hand!

6. Choose Healthier Alternatives

Maybe the #1 drudgery of breaking lousy eating habits is not knowing what to swap them for. So, learning the simple food swaps can be life-changing.

Ryan and Lee-Anne from Taste Organic give us a trick to beat binge-eating potato and corn chips. Going for exotic tastes of kale or lentil chips or black rice crackers might help out.

Julie Meek couldn’t stress out more it’s crucial to avoid the most harmful foods like deep-fried and battered food. So say goodbye to crumbed sausages, schnitzels, chips and fried chicken or fish. You better part with pastry products like pies, sausage rolls and cookies too! For your own good.

But look on the bright side! These healthy recipes to use as swaps might surprise you:

  • Sandwiches or rolls with lean cold meat, cheese or egg, and salad
  • Pasta, rice or noodle dishes with a tomato-based sauce or stir-fry meat and vegetables
  • Salad dishes with meat, chicken or fish that haven’t been drowned in dressing
  • Chicken or meat skewers (try for a side of vegetables or salad if available)
  • Sushi (without the battered fillings)

Support from Management is the Key

These nutrition tips can help you make some confident steps towards a better and healthier lifestyle. Knowledge is power, and now you have it! Believe it or not, going for a balanced diet will help you feel much better and much more energised.

Employers should be aware that they can largely influence their employees’ workplace eating behaviour. And not only that! Many companies nowadays are launching wellness initiatives which are proven to yield healthier and more productive workforce.

So, check out this treasure trove of 149 employee wellness ideas to give your team some serious boost.

Having your employees’ and your company’s future in your hands can be daunting. So, let Fresh & Clean help you out! Our managed hygiene rental program is the smart, hassle-free solution to workplace health and well-being.

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Managed Washroom Service
Washroom maintenance and washroom equipment rental with regular refills.
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Hand Hygiene
Everything a workplace washroom needs to ensure perfect hand hygiene.
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Washroom Sanitisers
Prevent the toilet germs from reaching your hands in the first place. Sanitise the seats.
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Call us now and we will take care of everything hygiene for you.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Images by Marco Verch

Lavish Benefits of Bio-Cleaning for Your Business

If you’re using standard cleaning methods for your office toilets, it must be because you haven’t heard of bio-cleaning.

It’s a new thing that’ll be sweeping Australia as quickly as it’s sweeping grime from the washrooms.

But what’s it all about? Bioproducts have been known in agriculture for years.

Their emergence in the washroom environment started in mid-1990 in Europe. Yet, it’s been introduced in Australia only recently.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what bio-cleaning process is. It is known by different names – biological, probiotic or natural cleaning.

It’s a smart alternative to mainstream cleaning with toxic, chemical products. We all know how harmful they can be to human health and the environment.

How does the bio-cleaning process work? Think of it as friendly ‘microbe’ cleaning, like probiotics for your washroom. It’s a powerful biological solution that literally eats the grime and bad bacteria in your washroom systems. By doing this, it also eliminates odours! So, it targets all nasty washroom issues at a single blow!

[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Intensive Biological Treatment
Aggressive, eco-friendly deep treatment of your urinals and toilets regularly by our experts.
Discover the offer details…
[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Urinal Deep Cleaning
Make sure that the germs cannot survive in your toilets and avoid their spreading.
Ask us how we do it…
[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Managed Washroom Service
Rent all soap and sanitiser dispensers from us. We regularly refill them as agreed.
Learn more…

With this revolutionary invention, having your workplace washroom clean 24/7 is not the only reward you’ll reap. Keep on reading to explore some more benefits of bio-cleaning.

Washroom Benefits

Your company can receive substantial benefits from using bioproducts.

Many companies are waging war with stubborn unpleasant washroom odours. They either use harsh, costly chemicals or they install even pricier waterless urinals. Yet, both of these strategies only camouflage the problem – which means the war is lost.

If you were about to give up, thinking a real solution does not exist, please don’t! Bio-cleaning is here to fix your washroom problems once and for all!

Bio-cleaning is the ultimate remedy for your washroom that will make you forget about:

  • Urine stains
  • Offensive odours
  • Dirt and grime
  • Clogged pipes and drains

This is not an overstatement, because bioproducts can’t wait to start cleaning – its what they naturally do! The good bacteria in bioproducts love feeding on bad bacteria. And it’s this bad bacteria that is causing these washroom problems in the first place.

Fresh & Clean offers you a new powerful Intensive Biological Treatment. It comes with professional quarterly service to make sure the issues don’t return. Every three months F&C professionals will visit you to conduct specialised deep cleaning. They will make sure you don’t have to think about your washroom problems ever again!

Health Benefits

Firstly, replacing chemical with bio-cleaning is a huge health benefit on its own. Most people are dangerously unaware of this. But the chemicals found in mainstream cleaning products can be harmful to health. According to the Environmental Working Group, they can contribute to asthma, cancer, and increased birth defects.

Secondly, your employees are one of your most valuable assets. Protecting their health is synonymous with protecting your business.

As stated on the Green Business Bureau website, companies that promote a healthier workplace report a 20% decrease in the number of sick days.

Now, take a look at this infographic created by ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association. It shows the value of cleanliness is measurable. You can calculate it by introducing the infographic stats into the equation. We’ll quote just this one, because it speaks volumes on its own.

Maintaining high cleanliness standards results in 80% decreased chance of catching a common cold and flu.

Click the image to view the whole infographic.

High foot traffic in office washrooms and the fact that washroom surfaces pose the greatest threat of cross-contamination means cleanliness must be a priority. And bio-cleaning will do it in the most thorough and intensive way.

Business Reputation Benefits

To put it simply, cleanliness matters to people. So, ensuring your office washroom is cleaned to a high standard makes a good business sense. Investing in the biological washroom hygiene solution will bring so many unexpected benefits. Many people wouldn’t believe how important washroom cleanliness is for a company’s reputation. Yet, there are numerous surveys that support this claim.

As a 2016 Healthy Hand Washing Survey finds, unsatisfactory toilet cleanliness can cost you customer loyalty and reputation. Moreover, the majority of respondents said they associate messy restrooms with the lack of care for the customers.

The findings of another survey show 94% of people would avoid a business in the future if their restroom was dirty.

And sometimes it’s merely unpleasant odours that can chase away your customers.

The Initial Washroom Hygiene study reports malodour is strongly associated with uncleanliness (79%), poor hygiene (75%) and bacteria presence (60%).

Persistent malodour problems plague many companies, even though they’re mindful of cleanliness. Foul washroom odours come from uric acid build-up and clogged drains. So, you need to scratch beneath the surface to discover the cause and target it. This is exactly what bio-cleaning does! It eliminates the source of odours and eradicates every bit of dirt and grime in the washroom. So it solves your washroom odour issues forever!

Environmental Benefits

With bio-cleaning, you won’t have to worry about the environmental impact of your cleaning processes. Why? Because Bio-Clean equals green! You can have piece of mind knowing you’re keeping the environment, your employees and customers healthy and happy. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Our fantastic innovative bio-cleaning will help you:

  • Protect the environment
  • Use 100% biodegradable and environmentally-friendly products
  • Achieve green-star ratings
  • Keep pipes unblocked continually which will enable you to save on your cleaning, water and repair bills

Adopting cleaning methods that are safe for the environment can help you gain the favour of like-minded consumers. Going green can also bring you commercial benefits if you make your business’s sustainability efforts a part of your marketing campaign.

Most importantly, by using green products you are proclaiming your company’s values. Embracing sustainable cleaning models will encourage other companies to follow example.

Bottom Line Benefits

Bio-cleaning will quickly attract devotees among your employees and clients, but your wallet will love it too.

It’s highly important that facility managers realise that investment in cleaning produces substantial returns. It is an investment in human health, the environment, and an improved bottom line. According to ISSA’s data, 7.7 sick days per employee per year is estimated to be costing $225.8 billion per year.

A bio-cleaning service will reduce cleaning costs and offer substantial savings on water and repair bills. And with superior cleaning solutions come superior employee health. And therefore a considerable decrease in absenteeism, too.

Start Your Workplace Washroom Revolution

Our magic formula works like this – rid one more worry from your mind and a get a few dollars back in your wallet.

With Fresh & Clean’s Managed Biological Treatment you’ll avoid large, crippling purchase costs. You will save on your cleaning, water and repair bills. Plus, you’ll no longer have to worry about your annoying washroom problems.

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Intensive Biological Treatment
Aggressive, eco-friendly deep treatment of your urinals and toilets regularly serviced by our experts.
Discover the offer details…
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Urinal Deep Cleaning
Make sure that the germs cannot survive in your toilets and avoid their spreading.
Ask us how we do it…
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Managed Washroom Service
Rent all soap and sanitiser dispensers from us. We regularly refill them as agreed.
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Pay one fixed annual fee and get all the advantages of an annual servicing.

So, get in touch with our friendly customer service representatives today to start a complete revolution in your washroom cleanliness!

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7 Cheerful Activities to Boost Happiness at Work

Do you want your organisation to thrive? Then make your employees happy. They will put their 110 percent on their work leading your company to blissful success.

It’s that simple. But then again, what is it that will make them tick?

Indeed, there are easy health and wellness steps you can follow for a fit, happy and productive workforce.

Let’s dig deeper into some of the cheerful activities that you can emulate to brighten your employees’ days and make them a happy lot.

Ready? Let’s spread the cheer…

1. Let the Adults Colour

Colouring is no longer reserved for kindergarten. Adult colouring is actually great for mental, emotional and intellectual health. Purchase adult colouring books or download colouring pages from the internet. On stressful days, your employees can take a break to colour. It will reduce anxiety and improve their focus.

2. Master Proper Breathing Techniques

We hardly think twice about breathing; often taking it for granted. Even so, practising proper breathing techniques will have an impressive impact on your mood, mind and body. Also, you will sleep better. And good sleep equals a vibrant being.

Here are some benefits of proper breathing;

  • Increased physical energy
  • Increased feelings of calm and well being
  • Balanced levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood
  • Lowered blood pressure and heart rate
  • Reduced stress hormones in the blood
  • Increased physical activity
  • Improved immune system functioning

3. Magical Celebrations: Employee Birthdays and Anniversaries

Backed up by research, one of the most profound motivators for an employee is recognition. It’s noticeable and has a longer lasting effect on the employee.

“Organisations with recognition programs which are highly effective at enabling employee engagement had 31% lower voluntary turnover than organisations with ineffective recognition programs.” (Bersin by Deloitte, The State of Employee Recognition, 2012)

One of the most effective ways to show recognition and boost morale is to celebrate your staff’s birthday and anniversary. It will give that one person a chance to stand in the limelight and enjoy individual recognition all day.

Ensure you never overlook anyone’s birthday by setting up the dates on a notification software. Here are some tips to help make the day memorable;

  • Have a birthday lunch out or order food in
  • Have a scrumptious potluck
  • Take a quick break to cut cake and sing
  • Give a day off
  • Give a voucher

In addition to that, you can pass a card around for everyone to sign. Also, decorating the honoree’s office or workspace is a neat way of showing recognition. The power lies in the fact that their special day is being celebrated.

4. Epic Family Day for Everyone

Another great way to spread the cheer and boost good moods in the office is by hold a family day event. It shows that you are not merely colleagues. It says we a team, we are a family.

Everyone gets to bring their entire family to the workplace or to a scenic park. Here the children can play as the adults mingle and socialise for a fun packed day. Here are a few tips to consider while planning;

  • Find activities that are suitable for everyone attending, take note of the age range for the attending children, and any special needs cases so that you can cater to everyone
  • Have a good mix of activities that will cater to each employee’s strengths. The end goal is to have each employee participating in activities they feel they are good at.
  • You could opt for a simpler option of going for professionals who offer corporate family day events.
  • Pass all the relevant information to the family day organisers e.g. ages, dietary needs and disabilities.
  • Plan the event on a convenient day for almost all attendees
  • Choose an accessible location for everyone or provide transport
  • Decide in advance if there will be gifting especially for the children. Company branded goodies are a great idea.

5. Engaging Hobbies and Social Clubs

Extra-curricular activities strengthen employee engagement and motivation. Supporting these activities will also better your employees’ emotional and physical wellbeing. Typically, the employees will create the clubs and you as an employer will often fund them. Some of these hobbies and clubs could be;

  • Sports clubs offering netball, football, badminton, rugby, swimming etc.
  • Book clubs
  • Board games
  • Photography
  • Quilting
  • Choirs
  • Hiking etc.

As your employees come together to socialise and share interests, you will have a more harmonious work environment. Everyone will be happy.

6. Revitalising Massage and Spa Therapy Programs

A massage therapy program is a low-cost solution to deliver employee relaxation and happiness. This much-deserved pampering is also a fantastic body energiser and a circulatory system stimulator.

American Institute of Stress states that an estimated 1 million workers are absent every day due to stress. Repetitive musculoskeletal injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome have become the nation’s leading workplace health cost and account for almost a third of all workers’ compensation awards. Massage has been shown to help in reducing these kinds of injuries, leading to reduced absenteeism, fewer workers’ compensation claims, and less cost to employers.

American Institute of Stress www.stress.org
“Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Reaching Epidemic Proportions” (Jan 18, 2005) © Medical News Today

Jamie Brown, of the Happiness Ninja, encourages taking the massage idea to the next level by bringing massage therapy services to the office. They would rotate and provide a free 15-minute massage to all staff once a week.

7. Make Eating Great

Having a great eating experience is an integral part of happiness. Make it even more pleasant by incorporating these great ideas for not so ordinary lunches

Luscious Rooftop Lunches

With aerial views and a splash of fresh air, rooftop lunches are fantastic. Clean up the top of your building and set up the necessary furniture. Let your employees bring their home made lunches for a unique lunch break. Urge them on to take the stair and burn some calories while at it.

Take on a Raw Food Challenge

Raw foods are well known for their full nutritional and fibre benefits. Why not take a ‘raw foodism’ challenge to savour all the dietary nutrients without all the dangerous additives. See who lasts longer.

[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Hand Soap Dispensers
Convenient and regularly replenished soap dispensers. Easy to use. Hygienic.
Learn more…
[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Instant Hand Sanitisers
Both manual and automatic dispensers available. Potent disinfectant & moisturiser.
Discover our options…
[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Hand Drying
Paper towel dispensers and wall mounted air dryers for any washroom.
Find out more…


Mix and Mingle Lunches

Organise get together lunches to increase the feeling of belonging. The socialising will make your employees cheerful as they catch a little chit-chat here and there. And you’ll have one happy work family.

Organise Healthy Food Cook-off Events

Here are two suggestions from Louise Soriano from BI WORLDWIDE (Australia) on how to organise a good cook-off. Whether done in teams or as individuals, these two ideas are worth a try

“Potluck” lunch of healthy dishes: Everyone brings a dish to share which invites team building and conversation. During the lunch, each person votes (one person, one vote) on their favourite dish. After meal clean-up, the top three winners are announced. Winners might earn a prize or simply just bragging rights.

Healthy recipe contest: Two to four healthy recipes are published, and individuals choose which one they’d like to make. Everyone brings in their take on the dish for sampling and judging. One winner is chosen for each dish.

Create a Truly Happier Workplace

Are you now ready to start making your staff even happier? Here is a big idea, start emulating these cheerful activities. Go on. Better still, have a look at some more fantastic ideas to boost your team’s health and wellness. They are too good to pass up.

Photo courtesy of Flicker Images by Amtec Staffing

11 Eye-Catching Sight-Saving Eyewash Posters for a Safer Workplace

Every business owner keeps a watchful eye on their workers, but it’s pivotal to be highly attentive to their eye care as well. Eye injuries at work affect an estimated 125,000 Australians every year. 60 percent of those are avoidable accidents and around 90 percent are preventable.

When talking about eye care, you won’t get away with having first aid kits at hand. Nor will you evade hefty fines for eye injury compensation claims if you don’t have proper safety equipment. What you need is eyewash stations placed at strategic locations at your workplace.

If you haven’t acquired some already, you know what they say, it’s better late than never! Make sure you’re using clearly visible posters that will point to the nearest eyewash station. With eye injuries, time is of the essence! Such accidents can often lead to irreparable sight damage. So it’s best to act quickly!

Our straightforward eyewash station posters and signs can play an important role in ensuring the injured person finds the station fast. Get eyewash station posters for free and print them out for a safer and more compliant workplace.

[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Eyewash Stations
Easy to use, even without help from others. Contains sterile saline solution.
Learn how to get yours…
[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

First Aid Kits
Compliant with all Australian laws and regulations. Regularly stocked and updated.
Find out how to rent them…
[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Be prepared to save lives with this portable, easy to use AED Defibrillator in your workplace.
Rent it today…

1. Get Home With Both Eyes. Use Your Goggles!

There are strict OSHA rules regarding the use of protective eyewear such as safety goggles. They are a safety requirement when handling dangerous machinery or harmful corrosives.

Construction and industrial workers are especially susceptible to eye hazards. All sorts of flying debris, from sawdust and paint chips to concrete particles can seriously injure the eyes. Many other workplaces face flying particles, liquid or infrared radiation hazards.

So use this bold and slightly unsettling poster to warn your workers to protect the irreplaceable gift of sight.

2. Wear Eye Protection Before It’s Too Late

Following the rules of eye protection is vital for those who work with chemical and biohazards. Toxic chemicals and gases can enter the eye in a matter of seconds and cause substantial damage.

If you don’t want your employees to have bitter regrets of this kind, get this action-inspiring eye protection poster. With matters such as these, there’s no need for sugarcoating. What it takes is blunt honesty to exert the best effect.

3. Zoom Out From Your Computer Screen Every 20 Minutes

Computer screens are notorious for causing eye strain and discomfort. People who spend long hours in front of the screen should remember to give their eyes a break every 20 minutes for trifling 20 seconds. Not that demanding?

Best tactic is to make a pledge to yourself to guard your precious eyesight.

Display this reminder poster to jog your employees’ memory to follow this practice and keep their eyes safe.

4. Put The Signs Up For Everyone To See

Say a toxic liquid splashed into your co-worker’s eye! What’s critical to saving the situation in emergencies like these? Taking the fastest route to the nearest eyewash station!

Your prompt reaction, plus the immediate accessibility of the eyewash station is what makes the difference between an irreparable eye damage and all’s well that ends well scenario.

Eyewash station signs play an important role in this joint undertaking. Put them up next to your eyewash stations to make them visible and usable!

5. Make It Short and Simple

When a foreign body hits your employee’s eye you need an immediate response! This sign will enable even untrained individuals to help out. At least by pointing to the station that’s within reach.

6. Keep Area Clear

Make sure your eyewash signs are displayed in prominent places so they stay visible at all times.

And double-check your employees have an unobstructed path to the eyewash station. Get this sign to prompt everybody to ensure the area stays clear.

7. Ensure Your Multilevel Work Areas Are Safe

This sign is ideal for confined multilevel work areas where the staircase is the only way to enter or exit.

The prominent green downward arrow enables fast access to emergency eye flushing equipment. Get it now to make even the most remote areas safe.

8. Cover All the Critical Locations

You never know where an eye injury can occur! So the wisest thing to do is to cover different locations and departments.

This location sign was made with this purpose in mind. And it comes with a blank space to write up the exact location of the designated eyewash station area. Use them to make sure all critical locations are provided for.

Alsco’s Eyewash Stations are super convenient as you can install them anywhere in your workplace. They’re ideal for workshops, labs and kitchens due to their easy-to-install feature.

9. Double Up Supplies in Areas of Increased Traffic

Display this poster between two separate eyewash stations in areas with increased traffic to accommodate larger staff numbers.

10. Keep Them Refilled

With safety eyewash equipment it’s critical to keep supplies stocked up. You don’t want to have a supply shortage when trouble’s at hand!

For ultimate safety, your workers need to have eyewash solution refilled at all times. Use this sign with Alsco’s contact number for a long-term piece of mind.

11. Respond Quickly To Emergencies

If a staff member sustained a serious eye injury, it’s vital to have an emergency phone number available.

Get this sign to help your staff immediately contact trained professionals to tend to the injured.

Develop An Eye For Good Business Opportunities

Providing eye flushing equipment is critical for keeping your employees healthy at work. Eyewash station posters and signs will point to the nearest station for maximum protection.

Turning a blind eye to non-existent or inadequate eyewash equipment at your workplace could lead to someone’s blindness and bring massive compensation claim costs.

With Alsco’s portable eyewash stations you can avoid all of this. Plus you won’t have to worry about eyewash-related regulatory compliance issues. They are suitable for small businesses that are too cramped to fit plumbed eyewash stations.

[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Eyewash Stations
Easy to use, even without help from others. Contains sterile saline solution.
Learn how to get yours…
[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

First Aid Kits
Compliant with all Australian laws and regulations. Regularly stocked and updated.
Find out how to rent them…
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Be prepared to save lives with this portable, easy to use AED Defibrillator in your workplace.
Rent it today…

When partnering up with Alsco you must take into account that you will be saving both money and a lot of hassle. Signing up for our Rental Program makes for a sound business decision. You’ll be able to avoid large buying and maintenance investments and save your precious time.

With more than 50 years of experience in the business, we’ve thought everything through. So, let us do everything, too. We will take care of the refills and perform regular WHS checks. With Alsco, you can do your job, relax and let us do ours.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Images by Naval Surface Warriors

The Secret of an Absolutely Flawless Office Washroom

Your office washroom cleanliness has a direct knock-on effect on various operational aspects of your business.

How so? Well, here are the major benefits of adopting the highest washroom cleanliness standards:

  • Prevent illnesses in the office
  • Maintain your company reputation
  • Achieve WHS compliance
  • Reduce temployee turnover

In contrast, neglecting your washroom hygiene will have you tasting the bitter fruits sooner rather than later. Because, in reality, washroom cleanliness goes way beyond your washroom!

It can greatly impact your employee satisfaction and turnover. It can also generate unnecessary costs and damage to your business due to health risks. And the costs can be considerable! Decreased productivity through absenteeism costs Australian economy a staggering $33 billion annually.

It’s astounding how quickly a business can lose its good reputation due to bad washroom hygiene. Employees, customers, visitors, and suppliers – everybody gets affected by the state of your toilet facilities! And they are going to take these things into account when judging your business.

A recent survey reveals that an unkempt toilet tarnishes the image of a business in consumers’ minds. The problem is further aggravated if you fail to comply with WHS legislation in your workplace.

So before these problems befall you, you better equip yourself with ways to confront them. And that’s exactly what you’re about to learn in this article! Uncover the secret of a flawless office washroom in four simple steps. Put them into practice and get a washroom that’s going to wow everyone!

1. Pay Special Attention to Common Surfaces

An office restroom isn’t as nasty as a public convenience – but it still poses a significant health hazard. So, how you keep your washroom will have a far-reaching impact on your workplace health and safety.

As a business owner, you’re obliged to provide a safe work environment and minimise potential health risks. But taking your washroom hygiene seriously means paying attention to common surfaces. They often get neglected, even though they’re hotspots of disease-carrying germs!

Given the volume of people circulating in the area and the number of contact points, you’d better get those caretakers do some more targeted cleaning. If left unattended, the dirt from your sink areas, taps and door handles will be spreading around the office as well.

Pay special attention to toilet seats, toilet handles and soap dispensers. And check out this infographic for more office washroom hot zones of cross-contamination.

Click the image to view the whole infographic.

The products which reduce common contact points will help you minimise cross-contamination. So, get some touch-free soap dispensers and hand sanitisers. They will make your office washroom not only presentable but also sanitary and safe!

[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Soap Dispensers
The most hygienic way to use soap. Rented, regularly replenished dispensers.
Ask us more…
[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Hand Sanitisers
Both manual and automatic dispensers available. Potent disinfectant & moisturiser.
Discover our options…
[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Managed Washroom Service
Washroom maintenance and washroom equipment rental with regular refills.
Learn more…

2. Encourage Adherence to Bathroom Etiquette

Whatever you do, you won’t be able to keep things shipshape without a little help from your employees. After all, if they don’t care too much about bathroom etiquette, it’ll be impossible to clean after each of them.

If you build a culture that rewards cleanliness, everyone will end up being happier. This might surprise you, but employee complaints about bathroom habits of their colleagues turn out to be commonplace.

A hot off the press survey found that 51% of workers have been ‘horrified’ by the condition of their office bathroom at least once over the period of 6 months. While 48% of people are apprehensive about using the office bathroom.

These stats show a pressing need that every member of the staff leave the bathroom how they’d like to find it.

Now all you need to do is promote adherence to bathroom etiquette. But how will you do that?

Most painlessly, by putting bathroom etiquette posters up on your office washroom walls. And if you manage to find ones with an occasional touch of humour, better still. This way you’re improving the chances the rules will be actually obeyed. It’s a natural thing, you know how nobody likes to be preached too!

Fresh & Clean has done it for you! We’ve compiled a selection of funny, entertaining toilet cubicle posters. They’re crafted in a light-hearted way to entice your staff to mind a few things here and there while using the toilet.

3. Protect Health With Seat and Urinal Sanitisers

One of the top things most of us dread is witnessing unclean toilet seats and urinals. And for a good reason! Most people will find an unsightly image of soiled and urine-sprinkled toilet seats repulsive. Plus, these are high-frequency spots where harmful germs threaten to undermine the health of your staff and customers.

Yet, there’s one solution that’ll bring both a psychological and a practical relief about this chronic problem. It’s an implementation of WC sanitisers into your toilet cubicles and urinals.

Fresh & Clean’s seat sanitisers make for an effective way to keep your office toilet seats safe and sanitary before and after use. Their fast-drying liquid formula will eradicate germs and facilitate the toilet use.

Our digital WC or urinal sanitisers represent another step towards the well being of your toilet users. After a WC has been flushed, harmful germs can become airborne and thus harmful to health. That’s where the WC and urinal sanitisers jump in! They will disinfect the entire area and prevent uric acid build-up.

4. Deep-Clean Using Green Biological Products

Clean your washrooms with green products. Even better, opt for biological cleaning products. Aside from being green and safe to use, they deal with a host of washroom problems. And what sets them apart from other products is that they’re getting to the very root of all those problems!

The trickiest issue with communal toilets is taking care of offensive odours. Even for the cleanest of places, having huge volumes of people circulating makes this issue hard to eradicate.

The bad thing is, people associate a foul smell with uncleanliness. Moreover, more than six in 10 would negatively assess a business with smelly bathrooms. This inconvenience triggers various negative responses. Choosing to leave or not return to an establishment (51%), complaining to the owner or manager (25%) or posting a bad online review (6%).

Biological products can fix your washroom odour problems!

Fresh & Clean offers an Intensive Biological Treatment that will do precisely that! We will deep-clean your washroom with bioproducts based on beneficial bacteria. The good bacteria will feed on harmful germs and grime in your toilets and urinals. So the entire process is green, natural and successful!

[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Seat Sanitisers
Prevent the toilet germs from reaching your hands in the first place. Sanitise the seats.
Explore more…
[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Urinal Digital Sanitiser
Digitally-controlled. Keep the most germ-filled areas of your washroom clean and sanitised.
View our full range…
[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Urinal Deep Cleaning
Make sure that the germs cannot survive in your toilets and avoid their spreading.
Ask us how we do it…

And don’t worry – this venture will be absolutely financially worthwhile. But now it’s time to uncover the revolutionary changes Intensive Biological Treatment can make to your washroom!

  • Remove even the most difficult germs and grime
  • Eliminate offensive odours
  • Prevent blocked traps and pipes
  • Safe alternative to toxic chemical cleaning products
  • 100% environmentally sustainable
  • Achieve complete WHS compliance
  • Save on cleaning, water and repair bills

It’s an amazing new technology that has got two most crucial benefits. It fixes all stubborn washroom problems and it protects the environment. What more would one want from a cleaning process?

Just One More Move to A Checkmate

Were initially sceptical about arriving at an absolutely flawless office washroom in just 4 simple steps? Now you see how super easy it is!

Simply follow our straightforward tips. You’ve got all your chess pieces strategically positioned on the chessboard – all you need to do is make a move!

Partner with Fresh & Clean and you are on top of the game! We offer you a comprehensive washroom solution for unparalleled cleanliness with no hassle at all!

You can trust us, for our expertise is everything washroom. With more than 50 years of qualified experience, we produce innovative and environmentally sound solutions. Contact us today for sparkling, hygienic washroom spaces all year-round.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay Images by pascalhelmer