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If you’re answering yes, yes and YES! then Alsco is offering you a remarkable opportunity to join our team as a Sales Representative.

Wait! You’ve Never Heard of Alsco?

You’ve slept on our sheets, snuggled under our quilt, dried your back with our towels, wiped your feet on our mats, used a band-aid from our kit, wiped your hands on our paper towels, used soap from our dispensers, chatted to someone in our uniforms … but, hopefully, you’ve never used one of our portable defibrillators!

When you step into an office, supermarket, dental practice, retail store, restaurant, hotel or garage in Australia then you’ve been near an Alsco product, without realising it. Truly! Alsco is everywhere.

We provide a regular service to over 45,000 customers via 27 branches making Alsco the leading textile rental company in Australia.

(Having said that, there are over 1 million businesses in Australia; there’s still plenty of room for growth!)

Alsco is a mature, stable and successful business with strong support systems and an ingrained sales culture of continuous improvement and we are looking for the best Sales Reps in Australia.

If you are interested, fill in the form alongside. The best Sales Executive positions will be filled quickly.

Anthony Rodriguez, 19 years at Alsco

“Ever heard the expression “delivered to you on a plate”? Well, that’s how I would describe working as a Sales Exec at Alsco for the last 19 years. With so many products available, I can sell to anyone and everyone.”

Top 5 Reasons To Apply Now

Sure! There are plenty of “world-class, fully-supported, well-paid” sales roles available to experienced Sales Executives in Australia. Everyone wants you! So, why should you seriously consider switching to Alsco?

#1 Reason: Uncapped Commission, Bonuses Galore, Special Bonus Campaigns

On top of your generous base salary, Alsco offers an uncapped commission structure with a sliding scale. Sales Reps are offered bonuses for performance when you exceed targets and plenty of special bonus campaigns to help you along the way.

#2 Reason: Every business in Australia needs Alsco to make their workplace safer, greener and healthier.

Alsco has the widest range of product and services on offer in our sector with more being added each year. Our rental services encompass hospitality and accommodation linen, garments and uniforms, first aid kits, washroom dispensers and hygiene solutions, paper and cloth towels, machine parts washers, floor mats, automated defibrillators, eye wash stations and more.

As a Sales Rep you have an endless array of easy opportunities to both sell and upsell to new and existing customers. We have a product for every business in Australia and this makes selling easy.

#3 Reason: Alsco invests heavily in technology and online marketing to help you make easy sales.

With 100s of incoming web and phone leads as well as an award-winning iPad Sales App you have the daily support you need to make new sales. Leads are delivered daily to your iPad inbox and digital sales support materials make it easy to sell Alsco to every business in Australia.

The Alsco sales process has been refined over 150 years of service to customers around the world. We are continuing to invest in bringing warm leads to our Sales Representatives around Australia.

#4 Reason: Have a special interest area? We have a product for that!

Alsco’s product and service mix covers 95% of industries in Australia from restaurant & catering, manufacturing, food processing, mining, engineering, healthcare, automotive, retail, education, office & workplace, government & services and accommodation.

When a particular industry sector in Australia booms then Alsco has a product suitable for their business. We follow the boom cycles, as well as being suitable for everyday business needs.

However, if you already have a special area of sales expertise then it’s highly likely that you can leverage your existing experience into your new sales job with Alsco.

#5 Reason: Looking for a job you can bank on?

Alsco is reliable, stable and has been growing continuously in Australia for 52 years. As a family-owned company, with a 150 year history, Alsco ranks among the 300 largest privately-held company in the United States of America.

In fact, the average tenure at Alsco is 8 years and 23 employees having notched up more than 20, 30 and 40 years. So, if you’re looking for a long-term career, with upwards and sideways prospects, then Alsco may be the best sales job you have this decade.

“It has been very rewarding to receive recognition from Alsco at our annual sales conferences, through sales competitions and monetary rewards. If you’re considering a role I would highly recommend working for Alsco as there is a lot of scope for advancement.”

Sharon Smith, 15 years at Alsco

You Are Sales Oriented; So Are We!

Alsco is a sales-oriented organisation.

Our focus is on growing the business through a well-equipped, professional sales force. As such, every sales person is given the tools, support and training you need to be successful, including a custom-design Alsco Sales  App.

Awarded best application in the Sales Force category at the Australian Mobile and App Design Awards, the Alsco Sales App (mobile CRM iPad application) is tailored to the Alsco sales process and gives Sales Executives access to customer data and sales collateral and provides the ability to quickly prepare standardised proposals, all whilst being 100 percent mobile.

Premium sales force tools include:

Luke Maybury, 15 years at Alsco

“Since becoming a sales executive for Alsco I have developed the skills required which has enabled me to succeed in such a high paced industry. I thank the support from ground floor through to senior management for guiding me on my sales journey.”

Only 10 Positions Available. Apply Now!

There are a limited number of Sales Executive roles available in the Sydney and the Melbourne branches and we are on a major recruitment drive to fill these positions before December 2015. Even if you don’t think you want to switch jobs before the Christmas break, we encourage you to apply now so you can be in line for the best sales territories on offer.

To apply make sure your CV is up-to-date and your cover letter tuned to catch our attention. Then simply fill in the online form and we’ll get in touch with you pronto!

Reserve Your Spot In The Queue by filling in the form alongside.

“My Alsco career started as a delivery driver in Auckland and then when I moved to Perth there was an opportunity to become a Sales Rep. Alsco offered great support when progressing departments and the financial awards as a Sales Rep have been fantastic.”

Jennifer Stirling, 8 years at Alsco

The Perks & Details FAQ

If you don’t see an answer to your specific question please get in touch via our enquiry form.

What is the base salary and commission?

Commissions are uncapped. We pay well and we pay often.

20% of Alsco’s sales force clears over $150,000 p.a. in base salary and commission. This puts you in the top 5%** bracket of income earners in Australia.

Quarterly bonuses are provided to Sales Executives who reach 150% of their sales targets, with an upwards sliding scale for even greater performance. In addition, we offer bonuses for specific campaigns. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to earn as much as you want.

We hope you are aiming high; we can help you get there.

What perks do the best sales executives receive?

The best sales execs are rewarded with additional commission and top-up rates. You also get an all-expenses paid trip to the annual sales conference in a luxury setting.

Every Sales Exec receives a fast reliable laptop, latest iPad, latest model phone and comfortable quality vehicle.

How often are commissions calculated and paid?

With a 150 year history Alsco are trustworthy, reliable and profitable. Your commissions are paid on-time, every time automatically to your bank account.

Commissions are calculated and tracked monthly and base salary is paid on a weekly basis.

How fast can I get started?

Alsco have been selling for 150 years; our induction process is fine-tuned to get you started quickly, but with thorough on-site and online training. The induction process is 6 weeks and includes product training, industry knowledge training and extensive skills training. You’ll get to work behind-the-scenes in office administration, laundry management and hand-held by more experienced Sales Executives before you hit the road on your own.

Where is the annual sales conference?

Every year, we take the top 70% of Alsco sales executives to a luxury, 5-star hotel to present the annual sales awards and bonuses. This 3-day retreat includes inspirational talks from thought leaders, fine dining in a superb setting, awards presentation dinner, local sight seeing and leisure activities. With only 50 Sales Executives in our entire sales force you have a good chance of being there next year, but only if you apply now.

Is there far-flung travel involved?

You will be assigned a designated sales territory in Australia; your local area. Alsco will provide you with a well-maintained, comfortable car to get to each sales appointment and back to your branch office.

However, keep in mind that Alsco operates not only in Australia, but also New Zealand, United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, China, Thailand Italy, Singapore and Switzerland. Opportunities for sales executives are available world-wide.

What do I need to be a successful applicant?

This is an incredible opportunity to build a rewarding sales career utilising the Alsco portfolio of industry leading products. You will need:

Jay Hughes, 10 years at Alsco

“I have been lucky enough to work for Alsco for over 10 years. I would have to say that the thing I really love about my job is that I get to help Australian businesses run more smoothly, which is really satisfying. The fact that there is uncapped commission also means the harder you work the more money you make.”

Apply Now, Don’t Delay

Alsco Voices Magazine

Alsco prides itself on its excellent training and actively promotes a culture that enables all our employees limitless potential for career growth. As such we are a committed group that takes pride in looking after our clients and employees and delivering exceptional customer service at all times.

One of the best perks of working at Alsco? The people. Without doubt, the people at Alsco will make your working life a pleasure. Check out our latest edition of Voices magazine to get a taste of Alsco.

We encourage you to apply now for a Sales Executive position, even if you’re not actively looking for a change. Use the application form to send in your expression of interest to hold your place in the queue.

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