How to Optimise Restaurant Maintenance Costs and Reduce Spend

chef preparing dish

Consider all your restaurant or cafe expenses and overheads. Wages, rent, electricity, gas. Food, kitchen equipment, aprons, work uniforms, table cloths, tea towels, POS…

The list goes on and on, ad infinitum.

Now consider this: among these constant expenditures that your business has to cover, how much do you spend on repair and maintenance?

An American study on the 2 million-plus multi-site US businesses that need repair and maintenance work revealed that they spend US$100 billion annually. What’s worse is that $20 billion of that is unnecessary. That’s 20% of the total spend down the drain, wasted.

We’re not aware of any such study in Australia, but we imagine that Australian eateries must spend a proportionally similar amount to their US counterparts. Wouldn’t you like to get back your share of all that wasted money?

Well of course, but how?

The goal is to optimise repair and maintenance efficiency without sacrificing quality of service and customer experience. For your restaurant(s), this is important – all of your services rely heavily on your equipment, after all.

This is good for your restaurant – the less money you spend on repair and maintenance costs, the more you can invest in upgrading the quality of your food and services, improving customer experience, and ultimately, growing your business.

Here are a few strategies you can use to get back that wasted repair and maintenance spend.

Regularly Check Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Standard business equipment and décor such as light fixtures, floors, ceilings, and HVAC units require repair and maintenance, some more often than the others.

However, the more important equipment to check is the vital commercial kitchen equipment. Every experienced restauranteur knows that walk-in freezers, refrigerators, and ovens must be consistently maintained to be fully functional.

Track the status, warranty, and work history of each asset you have in the restaurant accurately, especially the refrigerators. For example, if one of your fridges leaks, inspect the historical repair information and make a decision based on your findings. If you have had to get that fridge repaired for the fifth time in three years, it’s time to replace that fridge. Maybe choose a more reliable brand?

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Cars have this thing called “PMS”, or a preventive maintenance schedule, where regular work is done, such as changing the oil, checking the brake pads, wheel alignment, etc. Miss one of these and your car might break down at the most inopportune of moments.

The same goes for your restaurant’s equipment – preventive maintenance is done to deal with issues that may be building up before they break down. It’s simply more cost-effective to perform preventive maintenance than to pay for full equipment repair or replacements when the worst happens.

Avoid hassling your customers by scheduling your preventive maintenance checks outside of your peak trading hours. If you plan on getting your air conditioning checked, do it during the cold season, when it’s not really being used.

Utilise Facility Management Analytics

With all the complex assets you have to deal with, facility management analytics is more important for restaurants than most other business types.

You can use facility management analytics to analyse your spend data. Armed with that data, you can forecast trends, create goals in advance, and determine future facility management spend. You can also tell how much you are spending unnecessarily for repair and maintenance.

Develop cost-saving strategies with the help of a facility management analytics tool. Check out which service providers may be able to give you more bang for your buck, determine the best possible PMS, and switch out inefficient, money-draining assets for more efficient ones.

Contractor Invoicing Processes Can be Automated

Time is money. Yes, that’s a cliché, but it doesn’t take away from the truth that time is very valuable, whether it’s yours or someone else’s.

Many restaurants manually do the invoicing for repair and maintenance work. It’s incredibly inefficient and vulnerable to human error. The processing costs may be higher, too.

Automate your invoicing processes to further reduce your facility management spend. Invoices can be automatically grouped, scheduled, and sent directly to service providers. This then reduces possible accounting issues, processing costs and ultimately, improves efficiency.

Choose More Sustainable Equipment

Most modern appliances use technology that is focused on improving their efficiency and reducing their energy consumption without affecting performance. Modern refrigerators and air conditioners use various inverter types to cool more air for much less, while LED light bulbs are now almost ubiquitous… Generally, the endless quest for energy efficiency is pretty much the norm.

Here are some tips to help your restaurant become more cost-effective with its energy use.

1. Use energy-efficient lighting – LED bulbs and fluorescent tubes provide the same amount of light compared to compact fluorescent and halogen bulbs for much less power.
2. Don’t need lights yet? Keep them off – Try intelligent lighting that turns off when its area doesn’t need artificial lighting.
3. Turn down the thermostat – Turning your thermostat down a degree or two makes a huge difference in energy costs over time.
4. Use a wood-burning stove or oven – Electronic and gas stoves use a lot of energy, especially when it’s cold. The classic wood-burning oven not only gives your restaurant a more rustic feel perfect for pizzas and slow-cooking meats, it saves a lot of power (although the wood smoke is a pollutant).
5. Drinks don’t need to be frozen – Set your refrigerator at a temperature that only cools drinks to the optimal drinking temperature, instead of freezing them.
6. Update your fridges – New refrigerator cooling technology is far more cost-effective and efficient than older models. Maintain them well and they will save you money in the long run
7. Invest in an efficient HVAC system – your refrigerator has a fancy inverter thing that you probably don’t really understand. You just know it’s efficient and costs less to run than the old one. That same cash-saving inverter technology is also used in modern air conditioners.

Invest in Cheaper More Effective Options

Repair and maintenance costs can be high, but they can generally be covered. But when things inevitably break down, replacing your equipment is a significant capital expense that you may not be able to afford.

Which is why many businesses choose to lease their equipment and avoid the large capital outlay and associated business risk.

The same goes for your food and beverage linen. Why buy when you can rent?

Alsco’s Managed Linen Rental Service is the cost-effective alternative to buying. We eliminate the need for large cash purchases and keep all your linen and work uniforms, from table linen and tea towels to aprons and glass wipes, maintained and up-to-date. All starting from just $1 a day.

We provide regular deliveries as well as emergency, on-demand servicing.

Because we know that when you need a hand, you need it fast. It’s just the nature of your industry.

Contact us today for a fast obligation-free quote tailored to your needs. It’s the easiest decision you’ll probably make all day!

How to Keep Your Millennial Workforce Happy

Happy millennial workforce happy

At this point, Millennials make up almost 50% of the workforce. By 2025, Millennials will make up to 75% of all employees. If you still plan on running a successful business then, you need to find a way to make your Millennial workforce happy.

There is a common misconception among employers of the earlier generations that Millennials can be hard to please and that they are unmotivated. However, the truth is a little different.

The generation gap is a common issue and it has been for a long time. So, what is the problem today? It seems that the generation gap is larger due to the increased tempo of our lives.

When everyday life for the younger generation is so drastically different than it is for the older generation, misunderstandings are inevitable. Their values, desires, motivation and life goals are different, so some friction between them is bound to occur.

To make things more complicated, it seems that the parents of the Millennial generation have much more in common with their parents than with their children. To some degree, it can be said that Millennials are misunderstood.

If you want a happy and productive workplace, you should definitely make an effort to understand your growing workforce. For starters, you will need to provide a healthy, green and hygienic workplace. Here are some ways to keep your Millennial workforce happy.

Nurture A Positive Work Environment

This doesn’t mean that you need to have video games and beanbags all around your workplace. However, it does mean that you need to consider the relationships within your workplace and the way your employees feel.

A positive working environment involves respectful and timely communication, acknowledging your employees strengths and where there is room for improvement. It also involves healthy leadership and humane working conditions. Avoid putting unnecessary pressure and stress on your employees as much as possible.

Provide Frequent and Regular Feedback

Providing regular feedback on the work your Millennial employees are doing is, for them, a natural part of a positive work environment. They expect it. Generic, quarterly reviews just won’t do anymore.

This doesn’t imply micro-management. Just a simple little question about their project and a helpful word or two of feedback will be much appreciated. Your employees will understand that you care about what they do and they will reciprocate by being more involved with your company. It’s a win-win situation.

Make a Real Difference

If there is something the younger generations are eager about, it’s making a difference. Get involved in both local and global charities and movements. For example, you can make a real impact by going green. There are so many opportunities to do this type of work. Here are some examples:

  • Use every opportunity to recycle.
  • Replace electronic devices with energy-saving alternatives.
  • Offer incentives for your employees to organise carpooling.
  • Use environmentally friendly ways to clean your car parts if you run an automotive shop.
  • Buy your supplies in bulk.
  • Partner up with sustainable and socially responsible companies, like Alsco Australia.

Another way to make a difference is to get involved in global and local charities. You can organise events and fundraisers yourself. Even raising enough funds to buy equipment for the local children’s playground can be enough, as long as it’s making a positive impact on society.

Embrace Technology

Millennials are digital natives. This means that they don’t understand a world without the internet and mobile devices. A big part of their lives is online, so don’t underestimate new technologies and the importance of these in your employees’ lives.

It is quite easy to judge and to tell nostalgic stories about the old days when people only talked face to face and all business had to be conducted in person. The times have changed and those days are gone. That’s the truth. The world of digital natives is here and learning what’s involved is a matter of business survival.

This doesn’t mean that all your meetings should now be over Skype. It only means that you should not dismiss the input of your Millennial employees when it comes to technology. Take the time to listen to them and implement some of the advice they give you. If anything, it will give you a head start over other companies.

Offer Training and Professional Development Opportunities

There are some big companies that can afford to put some of their employees through their MA studies. You don’t have to go that far. It is enough to offer training and professional development opportunities that can help your employees advance in their careers and even enrich their lives.

Why not conduct a survey among your employees and see what sort of training opportunities they are interested in. Here are some suggestions that you may want to offer:

Leadership Training

Nobody wants to be stuck on an entry position job. People want to advance, and that usually involves being in some sort of management position. Your employees will rarely have experience in leading others and this training will be invaluable to them.

Communication Skills

Everybody knows how to communicate, right? Well, not really. Communication skills improve the workplace environment and make businesses successful and more productive.

Language Classes

Learning a foreign language can be very fun. Almost everybody has a language that they would love to learn. If you offer this as training, it may become one of the favourite training programs among your employees.

First Aid Classes

When you ask your employees to pick training options they would like, not many of them will list Managed First Aid Training. However, if you offer this type of training in a list of possible options, a lot of people will opt for it.

People know that First Aid is something everybody should learn. It could mean the difference between life and death for somebody they know or love. Therefore, as a part of safety improvement in your workplace, this type of training should be included in your schedule.

Alsco Australia has years of experience in providing such training to different companies. We offer Managed First Aid Training which means we don’t just come over and teach your employees CPR. We will adjust our training to match the needs and disaster plan of your company.

We will remind you when your First Aid Certificates are about to expire and we will also train any new staff that you hire. There are many more advantages to using Alsco’s Managed Training.

Call Alsco Australia today and find out how we can help your business grow.

9 Fascinating Office Washroom Designs

elegant washroom with warm lighting

You have probably already heard about Steve Jobs’ fascination with office designs that could lead to a more productive and upbeat workplace.

One of the things he thought about is the position of the office washrooms.

Namely, he wanted to build a big atrium and place all of the office washrooms in the middle.

Jobs hoped to achieve more communication and collaboration between employees.

This gets us thinking about how important office washrooms really are. Some offices and companies really go that extra mile when designing their washrooms.

However, you don’t have to invest in an entire office washroom makeover. You can just start with small additions. They will increase employee satisfaction, improve office hygiene and make your place of business a more pleasant place to work.

For starters, you should introduce hand sanitisers, hand drying solutions and towels of both kinds: hand paper towels and cloth hand towels. You don’t have to buy all of these either. You can contact Alsco and rent all of these items from us. We will install them and replenish them regularly for a flat monthly fee.

Start there, and one day, you may be in position to remodel your office bathrooms like some of these big companies.

1. Red Bull, Amsterdam

The entire office building of Red Bull in Amsterdam is a true architectural work of art. The daring and amazing lines are in style with the company product. The same adjectives can be used to describe the office toilets. The edgy mosaics on the office bathroom walls are truly something to look at.

2. Old Victorian Malt House, Cardiff

This bright and spacious office washroom in the Old Victorian Malt House is wonderfully designed. The white walls with metal, stone and floating mirrors are very interesting. However, this is not the only upside to this washroom. It also has everything that a washroom should have, including hand sanitisers and hand dryers.

3. Viva Wallet, Athens

There is so much to talk about when it comes to the fantastic design of Viva Wallet in Athens. Everything from a quirky, solitary office in an indoor trailer to the minimalist TV room. The office washroom is not an exception.

What is interesting about it are the lights. Strong pink and blue neon lights are the only lighting in these washrooms and they make for a really interesting choice.

4. Google, Tel Aviv

When it comes to quirky and interesting office design ideas, it is impossible to skip Google. This company doesn’t disappoint even when it comes to office washrooms.

The Tel Aviv office looks like there is a real forest inside. The same goes for the washrooms. The natural look is combined with modern washroom equipment like hand sanitisers.

5. T-Mobile, Warshaw

The Mens office washroom at T-Mobile in Warshaw features dark walls with space ships on them. This interesting design is sure to put a smile on employees’ faces when they visit the restroom. Of course, design is less important if the functionality is lacking. Notice the fully stacked hand paper towel dispenser.

6., Cirencester

The capital investment from in refurbishing a real castle and turning it into a contemporary office space has been in the news for some time. This jaw-dropping design features several office washrooms, but one of the most interesting ones is the steampunk design. The white and blue colours are combined with eye-catching ornaments and brass details.

7. McCann Worldgroup, Madrid

McCann is a worldwide advertising agency with offices all over the world. The Madrid offices have been designed by Studio Banana. The offices are lively and truly remarkable and the office washrooms don’t disappoint either. They are painted in bright and intense colours, featuring minimalist design.

All of the supporting equipment like hand sanitisers and hand drying options are minimalist and blend into their surroundings.

8. Tulip Infratech, Gurgaon

The office washrooms in this Indian company have a wonderful, luxurious feel. They have wall and floor tiles that resemble black marble. This is combined with black and golden mirror frames and details.

The transparent glass door that leads from the washroom into the toilet cabin adds a barrier between the rich sink and the toilets.

9. Mail Ru Games, St. Petersburg

The Nord Studio of Games has its headquarters in St. Petersburg. The offices have a contemporary design and the entire theme is vibrant, active and enticing. The office washrooms are also created in line with this playful design. The walls of the toilets are covered with comic book panels. Who knows when inspiration can strike?

Maybe seeing these amazing designs will give you some excellent ideas about how you can improve your workplace washrooms. Your next thought is probably the budget you would need for such an endeavour. You don’t have to start big with your renovation project.

You can start with making your office washrooms more comfortable and go from there. This involves hand sanitisers, preferably an alcohol hand sanitiser for workplaces that involve tasks that are a bit dirtier. Also, hand paper towels or cloth hand towels and different hand drying options.

This doesn’t have to be a big investment. It can be as simple as paying an affordable monthly flat rate fee. Contact Alsco and you will never have to worry about your washroom. Hand drying is just one of many excellent washroom improvements that you can make in cooperation with Alsco Australia. Check what they are.

Photo courtesy of flickr by Corley Woolley

5 Ways Dust in Your Workplace Kills Your Profits

modern designed office

Dust is nothing, right? Well, if you are eager to answer “yes” to this question, you should think again. Dust can be far more dangerous than you think.

Doctors will tell you that inhaling a lot of dust on a daily basis can be harmful to your health.

We’ll let them discuss that further, but the “dusty” topic we can tackle is – how does dust hurt your business.

What makes Alsco an authority on this subject? Well, we’ve spent decades working in an industry that deals with keeping other businesses safe, healthy and clean on so many levels. We have seen businesses come and go and we have seen the effects of poor as well as flawless hygiene.

That is why we are eager to share with you 5 ways dust can kill your profits. Even better, we will show you one of the ways you can reduce the amount of dust in your workplace. But, let’s start with why should you even care about how dusty your workplace is:

Dust Contains Germs

Research shows that dust in your home contains around 9000 different microbes. There are also 2000 types of fungi present. Not all of them are dangerous and not all of them can hurt your health. Now, this is home dust. Mostly, only your family frequents your home, possibly pets, as well.

Now, imagine how many of these germs are present in a workplace that gets visited by a lot more people than your home. Again, not all of those germs and fungi are dangerous to your health, but there are some that can cause respiratory issues.

What does that have to do with profits?

If your employees are ill due to a bacterial infection or other airborne contaminants that find their way into your workplace via dust, you will face two negative effects.

The first one is that those ill employees will try to power through their illness. Don’t encourage them to do so. They should rest. Moreover, they will contaminate others, as well. Even if they work, their productivity will be decrease.

The second one is your employees staying home until they get better. This is definitely a better option for their health and it should be encouraged. However, this will cost you in terms of sick leave.

In other words, too much dust in your workplace can leave you with employees on sick leave or struggling, sick employees with reduced productivity. Either way, it’s your profits that will suffer.

Dust Causes Allergies

Some allergies are less severe while others can be much more dangerous. Dust allergies can turn into a severe reaction that can even trigger asthma attacks. A dust allergy is actually an allergy to dust mites.

Doctors may suggest that patients who have dust allergies remove carpets and similar items that help dust mites survive. They also recommend excellent floor hygiene. That is why your workplace needs dust control mats.

Allergic reactions are pesky and annoying when they are in their mildest form. They mean a runny nose, irritated eyes and similar flu-like symptoms. Can you imagine suffering from reactions such as these and giving your best in the workplace? Of course not.

This drop in productivity will definitely be noticeable in terms of profit. That is why it is important for your workplace to have a strict no-dust policy if you have allergy prone employees. Dust control mats are a great start.

Dust Hurts Your Electronics

How much money have you invested in computers and other electronic devices for your workplace? Probably a lot. They are necessary tools for your work, but only if they are working well.

Dust can slow down and damage your electronics and can be one of your biggest budget drainers. When you put the costs of electronic maintenance on paper, is it significant? Does it increase over time?

How does dust hurt your electronics, you may wonder. Well, everything that has coolers and filters, like your PC can get clogged. Once that happens, the temperature inside the device rises. A higher temperature leads to overheating and overheating leads to malfunctions that are hard to fix.

Also, some of the dust may be corrosive. In that case, your switches, contacts, sliding potentiometers and such can be destroyed.

Dust Increases The Need For More Frequent Filter Replacements

“Which filters?” you may ask. The answer is “All of them!” If you have a filter in your workplace, dust will cut its lifespan short. Most commonly, when we’re talking about filters, we are referring to air conditioning. After all, these are the filters that have to process most of the air you and your employees are inhaling.

When packed with dust, those filters need to be replaced sooner than expected. Not doing so means you are increasing the risk of a respiratory infection avalanche in your workplace. Not to mention that an air conditioner that works with constantly clogged filters will soon break down.

Dust Turns to Mud

Nobody likes doing business with a company that isn’t able to keep their workplace clean. Dusty, dirty and muddy entrances prevent you from leaving a good first impression. You need good entrance mats, so that dust doesn’t go any further.

For that to happen, your entry mat needs to be an effective dust control mat that prevents the dust from spreading around. Moreover, if the dust comes into contact with any sort of liquid, you know what happens – it turns into mud. You don’t want that in your workplace.

Luckily, there is a very easy way to find entrance mats that keep dust at bay without making a huge investment. Think – rental mats.

Alsco has amazing and efficient dust control mats that we rent for a monthly fee. A flat monthly fee gets you all the entrance mats you want as well as regular cleaning.

You don’t have to think about them at all once you make an agreement with our Alsco representatives. Contact them now and solve your dust problems today!

6 Ideas for Restaurants in the Busy Summer Season

The cold season is pretty much over, and the days are getting warmer. Summer is here! For those of you who own a hotel and/or restaurant, summer means it’s going to get busy.

Are those summer-exclusive menus from last year ready to get dusted off?

Aside from the fact that the Australian summer coincides with what is probably the biggest and longest holiday season celebrated globally, there’s one other reason why restaurants get jam-packed during the summer…the longer days.

Longer days mean more people are out and about (as long as the temperature is tolerable, of course). It’s the perfect opportunity for you to invite more customers! The goal is, of course, to attract new patrons and to keep old customers, ultimately to boost your profit.

To that end, it is only apt to start your preparations now.

We have 6 ideas that you can implement in your restaurant for the incoming season. Get your restaurant ready to bring in the heat!

Let yourself be known

There’s a tonne of profit to be made during summer. Thankfully, due to the increasing prevalence of the internet, you don’t have to be left out. You have all the tools, literally at your fingertips – it’s called social media. To be more specific, Instagram.

It has been an increasing trend among the young ones (including the young-at-heart) to take pictures of their food before touching it with their forks. There could only be one reason why it is actually trending – because food pics have lots of viewers.

A recent study revealed that people around the world aged 18-35 spend a total of 120 hours or 5 days looking at pictures of food on Instagram. 30% say they would avoid a restaurant if they had a bad Instagram page.

Pro tip: Reach out to local people in the business of posting food and restaurant reviews online, especially the ones with a huge following, and see if they can include your most picture-perfect meals, desserts, or drinks on their pages for everyone to see.

Make sure your personnel are prepared

The influx of people during the summer probably means you’ll be short staffed, and there’s no other way than to hire new staff. Sometimes, it would mean hiring newbies and rookies.

Start looking early so you can get them trained before the crowds come flocking in. Speaking of training, make sure you have proper training plans for this purpose. If they’re used to your equipment and processes by the time spring ends, you’re good to go.

Your staff must be trained in cleanliness, too! You wouldn’t want customers giving you bad reviews due to bad hygiene, right? Alsco provides professional workwear such as chef uniforms, wait staff uniforms, aprons, and even cleaning materials like anti-bacterial tea towels, all of which are kept clean, crisp, and fresh.

Use modern technology to your advantage

Imagine being a hungry diner looking for good food. They want short wait times, but fast food won’t be enough to fulfil their cravings. You can provide what they want, thanks to new tech options that speed up the processes that a customer usually goes through.

Pay-at-the-table is gaining traction worldwide. It can reduce a restaurant’s wait time by nearly 20% on average. There’s some time before summer, and it’s never too early to start checking tech like this now.

Try to utilise user-friendly tech with a gentle learning curve so your summertime part timers can learn things in less time. It is more efficient and less error-prone when your employees are mostly concerned with remembering the customers’ orders, instead of being preoccupied with how to input stuff into the system.

Your restaurant is not limited to its four corners

Auto Foodtruck

When the weather’s nice, meaning it’s not too hot, moving outdoors can be a solution when you have too many people coming in. If your restaurant doesn’t have the space for that, you can set up shop elsewhere, using food stalls or food trucks in places where people gather, like food festivals, etc.

This doubles as a great and effective way to market your brand to new customers, too.

Give your restaurant that summer feel

Cater to seasonal tastes with the overall feel of your restaurant.

  • Add some summer décor, like flowers or little cloth umbrellas
  • Open your windows and let the summer breeze flow in
  • Print out new menus with a summer theme

Speaking of the menu, add some seasonal items such as:

  • Seasonal refreshing drinks and cocktails – remember to add that tropical feel
  • Offer seasonal fruits and local summertime delicacies
  • Other summer-inspired specials

Extend your preparation to overall cleanliness

A dirty restaurant is not Instagram-able. To put it in simpler terms, it is disastrously unappealing. On that note, it is a bother (and probably a waste of money) to hire staff just to clean all the cloth and linen your restaurant uses on a daily basis.

If that’s the case for you, outsourcing would be a better choice.

Alsco laundry workers

Imagine… the heaps and piles of tablecloths, tea towels, wipes, drapes, curtains, aprons, workwear, everything that needs to be washed. Hiring a trusty laundry service that would take care of all of that is a smart investment for your business.

Alsco provides hassle-free laundry services. We take all of the linen off of your doorstep, put it through a thorough laundering process that gets rid of the worst stains and bacteria, and bring it back straight to your door, crisp, clean, and ready to be used.

The more people you serve, the more stuff you have to clean. It is a worthy investment for your brand, your employees, and all of your customers alike.

Summertime is one of the best times of the year

…and it is wise to take advantage of it. Use every leverage you can get, and let your business be the hottest place.

The good news is, you can use Alsco exactly for that purpose. With a variety of rental programs and services that we can tailor to your specific business’s needs and demands, we can help you make your next summer more profitable and enjoyable for all parties involved – you, your staff, and your customers.

Or you can contact us now if you have questions or concerns!

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Images by Jamain

Demystifying Restaurant Ambience: How to Create a Perfect One

Excellent food, price, service and location is what makes a lucrative restaurant business magic. But the trick is in details. It’s that unique dinner aftertaste, that distinct gesture of a savvy waiter that’s going to make you stand out.

But the ambience is that special ingredient that triggers people’s emotions. It will make them want to come back. It’s the distinctive character your restaurant emanates.

But what are the elements of ambience? It’s lighting, sounds, music, design, artwork and spacing. So, when coming up with your restaurant business plan, make some room for each of these. They’ll need some good strategies.

How to create this magic? No need to reach for illusionist’s devices. You’ll be fine with a few expert hacks from hospitality coaches, restaurant reviewers and interior designers. And that’s what you’re about to get. So sharpen your senses and enjoy the ride.

1. Let your Restaurant Design Do the Talking

Imprinting your restaurant brand into your design is how you will tell your unique story. Which will then be retold and spoken of by your customers, if you do the storytelling right. So, make sure the story is credible and relatable.

All the elements – colours and texture, furniture and fixtures – should fit in and complement each other.

Aaron Allen, a restaurant consultant and an industry analyst shares the following:

“The entire restaurant needs to be centred on the brand story and personality. As with anything, good planning helps with execution, so start by writing down the vision for the restaurant. From there, think about the decorations, lighting, fixtures and even the chairs and tables.

Remember, everything placed inside a restaurant must support its story. Every item should contribute to communicating the brand promise, positioning and personality.”

Design and ambience of the place are highly regarded even by foodies who primarily judge a place governed by their sophisticated palates.

2. Impress Your Customers With a Great View

Stunning restaurant views can go a long way in providing rare ambience for your guests.

Having one means having great visual dynamics. You can achieve different tones and atmospheres during a single day. And get added dynamics during different seasons.

A view will set a completely different mood depending on whether it’s opening to a central city or a country background scenery.

Gidleigh Park Hotel makes the most of its location in the English countryside. Its dining room boasts a view of the 109-acre garden, providing their guests with moments of ultra fine dining.

3. Optimise Your Restaurant Space

Your restaurant layout depends on your concept, but you should start with the idea of making the most of your space. Being eclectic is up-to-the-minute, so you’re allowed to experiment.

Maria Elena Holguin from Robb & Stucky Interiors offers her view on current trends:

“Communal dining experiences and open-concept restaurant layouts are very on-trend and translate well to smaller spaces. In open-concept dining, keeping the area open to the kitchen is a budget-friendly solution, as is an exposed ceiling with elements like ductwork and pipes visible and part of the design experience.”

Alexandra Morris of Morris Selvatico Interior Designs throws in some friendly advice. With no theatrically-interesting cooking to showcase, do not bother putting in an open kitchen. Although they’re the latest thing, it’s not a good idea letting your guests see into a kitchen with no real action.

4. Aim for Some Instagram-Worthy Table Settings

You can boost your restaurant visits with things as simple as your tableware and table linen. Your restaurant visuals set the stage for the entire dining experience. It should be designed with great attention to detail. Your table should be the central focus.

With food photo frenzy everywhere, if you do your share right, you’ll get your share on your customers’ social media space. The more picture-perfect your table presentation is, the more likely it will end up on Facebook or Instagram.

And here are some useful tips for choosing tableware:

5. Experiment With Lighting

The rule of thumb in restaurant design is you need to stay creative to stay exciting for your return customers. And the lighting is one of the most important elements in restaurant design and ambience.

According to, it’s best to opt for flexible lighting so you can redecorate regularly. This will also allow you to dim or brighten the lights to set the mood when appropriate.

Here are some more of their valuable tips on how to use light to manipulate atmosphere:

“Light your restaurant by the different time of meals, and by the usage and space of your place. Fine dining in a restaurant has evolved to the point where subtlety in all details is the key. Direct lighting is valuable for areas where your food is displayed (for e.g. salad bars) whereas indirect lighting is used for creating the balance and making the place appear charming.”

6. Get Smart With Your Music

In a restaurant business, you need to engage all five senses to communicate with your customers. So make sure your visuals, smells and tastes go hand in hand with background music.

And when you enter technology into the equation, you are in for an even more intelligent game.

Startle Inc. offers state-of-the-art professional background music systems that enable you to change your music schedule with a click on your smartphone. This makes it easier to pick soundtracks that work in harmony with other atmospheric elements of your place.

Master Your Restaurant Ambience

What you do with your ambience will greatly affect the customers’ perception of your hospitality venue. All you need to do is be aware of each of the ambience elements and then soup them up. You’ve got enough expert tips to get started. And for some more awesome tips, check out Alsco’s 126 Expert Ideas For Your Restaurant Business Plan.

But you can also rely on us for your table linen. It’s what sets the stage for the fine versus substandard dining experience. By leveraging our 125-year textile experience, we know how to provide you with only the best possible linen for your business.

Plus we make it way easier for you with our rental program. That’s how you can breathe new life into your restaurant without paying an arm and a leg.

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Choose from our wide selection of rental services for the Restaurant Industry to suit your needs and budget. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help with your choice, so call us now.

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Photo courtesy of Flikr Images by Takashi Yagi

6 Ways to Wow Your Customers With Your Restaurant Menu

Acquiring customers is costing restaurants more and more dollars and effort each day. In the restaurant trade what counts the most is how you represent yourself, so having bright, crisp table linen and an immaculate restroom is a must.

There are many hurdles you need to overcome in order to run your restaurant business well. One of them is trying to deal with a stale and uninventive menu. If you don’t give your menu a little kick once in a while, your restaurant will go bland and lose bite.

Repetition is a killer of any kind of business. Only a well thought out, creative and off-beat menu will do justice to the amazing establishment you want your restaurant to be. This will make the entire venture pay off in the long run.

While this may come as no surprise, your menu is why your customers come to you in the first place! And they want something not only palatable but inviting to look at. So, if you’re looking to impress them with taste alone, you’re making a lapse in judgement. And if you don’t offer a menu that is impressive at first glance, people are just going to go to your competitor.

So, add some variety to your menu to appeal to a wider array of customers. And get some excitement in the air for your patrons as well – a pinch of character in your menu. The adjustments don’t have to be dramatic – slight but to-the-point changes will do the job.

But as wild or temperate you choose to be with your menu innovations, rest assured they are going to have a resounding success with your visitors.

Not sure which road to take and need a hint or two? Our experts are here to dispel your doubts and point you in the right direction. So, dear monsieurs and madams, on our menu today are some tricks of the trade for improving your restaurant menu!

1. What’s in a Name?

You don’t have to be Shakespeare for writing up an impressive menu. You just need to let your creativity flow!

So, start by putting some spectacular meal ideas on the table. And keep adding to them from time to time. Making exciting changes to your menu on a regular basis will wow your customers and boost your sales. A slight transformation to what you traditionally offer will add some intrigue and excitement for your regulars, too.

You can use fancy and sophisticated names in moderation. But be careful not to over complicate things. Your menu should be straightforward and simple so people can tell what they’re about to put into their mouth. Nobody wants frog legs written in a fancy French name ending up unexpectedly in their plate.

Yet your menu names should be enticing enough to be an adequate overture for your restaurants’ amazing tastes.

Always make sure to state the major ingredients of each meal. And if suitable, use ethnic names as they add authenticity to the menu description.

2. Think of Every Detail When Designing Your Restaurant Menu

Your menu reflects your restaurant and it can help increase your customer base. So, give it a lot of thought and consider all the aspects.

Lorri Mealey from says you should determine your audience before deciding which menu items to include.

Think Culinary advises choosing your menu layout, colours and fonts according to your restaurant’s theme. They also advocate for correct spelling. Because having typos in your menu is unprofessional and can lead to ordering mistakes.

iChef’s Kirsty and Matthew Krueger encourage restaurant owners to think outside the box when designing their menu. They offer the following suggestions:

  • Elicit menu ideas from your regulars – it’ll give them a sense of ownership
  • Use the specials board to single out your existing menu items

Another tip to keep in mind is from Murray Wright of He says a good rule of thumb is to ensure your menus are neatly written and clearly understood.

With in-house printing, we can squeeze a lot on a A4 paper – but in the evening with lights low, and the more mature customer having forgotten their reading glasses, (or not wanting to show they need them) things get hard. Make sure the typeface is big enough. With descriptions, be careful of technical terms – if people don’t understand, they won’t ask and just order the steak or schnitzel. Ask yourself why the term is needed – is it to genuinely inform the customer or make myself feel good?

3. Give Your Best Dishes the Best Placement

Who would believe that the positioning of your menu items matters? Well, it does.

Murray Wright reveals people tend to memorise the first and last items in a list more easily.

So, reserve the first and last positions on your menu for the dishes you want to sell the most. You can also put your unique selling point items on those visible placements to set yourself apart from your competition.

For more savvy tips on boosting your restaurant menu, check out this video from BuzztimeBusines.

4. Know Your Best-Selling and Worst-Selling Dishes

Another fantastic idea from iChef is to rate each of your menu offerings. Tracking the sales of every item and keeping a tally will tell you how fitting they are for your menu.

This will help you ditch the items that aren’t selling well so you can trim down your menu for long-term commercial success.

Plus, you can keep record of your customers’ preferences and keep your costs under control. But make sure to keep a good balance of both low and high-cost items at all times.

5. Kick Off the Holiday Season With Holiday Specials

Creating a menu unique to holiday events will generate excitement among your restaurant visitors. It’ll help get your customers into the festive mood even if they’re not feeling particularly festive.

Plus, it will allow you to expand your meal selection while controlling your costs.

6. Boost Your Restaurant Menu With a Compelling Healthy Food Offer

Choosing healthy food options is becoming more and more frequent among restaurant visitors. So make sure to always have healthy food alternatives on offer for your health-conscious customers.

Adding vegetable, whole grain and fish dishes on your menu is yet another way to delight your customers with your varied offer.

Include low-fat, low-carb, low-calorie meal variations to your traditional offer. But don’t forget to add some excitement and fun with some trendy healthy recipes. Combinations are endless! So give it a go!

Vanessa Cullen of Forward Thinking Design has some valuable insights on future of healthy food offerings to share:

Wholefoods plant-based clean eating is in and here to stay, even with non-vegan or non-vegetarian consumers who are just seeking lighter, healthier and/or more sophisticated meals. Leading futurists forecast this as the top trend in the immediate and foreseeable future of food and it is being embraced by both the best chefs globally and small start-up ‘fast’ food companies popping up ahead of the curve.”

Healthy restaurant and eatery directory
Finding restaurants and eateries with healthy foods made easier through Gluten Free Eating Directory.

Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level

There are ongoing debates on what themes are favourable for a restaurant to leave an unforgettable impression. But that’s beside the point! Whichever of them you opt for or don’t, if you put a unique stamp on it, something truly yours – like a tweak or two in your menu – people are going to love it.

What’s important is for you to focus on the creative aspects of your business. With Fresh & Clean, your restaurant is bound for a bright future.

Why? Because we provide you with a comprehensive restaurant linen rental and washroom solutions, so you can take these things off your mind completely. It means no more worries about your tablecloth, napkins, serviettes, and tea towel supplies! No more washroom cleanliness issues!

Once you get those operational distractions out of the picture, you can put your mind and resources completely to keeping your restaurant in the frame for the big things.

And we’ve got a treasure trove for you here too: it’s Alsco’s fantastic list post with expert ideas for your restaurant business plan. 126 ideas to be exact! So, roll up your sleeves, dig into some research and make your restaurant business boom.

Photo courtesy of Freepik Images by Freepik

7 Experts Give Their Best Tips On Opening A Restaurant

Been getting ideas for starting up your own restaurant business? Or been reflecting on the subject for a while already, but can’t seem to work out where to start from?

There are so many aspects to consider before embarking on this adventure. It can be overwhelming. You need to think about the design, fitout, positioning and service, with a good insight into the minds of your future customers.

In any case, devising a solid restaurant business plan is vital for your start-up success.

What may be hindering you in your new entrepreneurship can simply be the lack of sound advice! People can be ungenerous as far as sharing business secrets goes. And the internet is flooded with info which makes it challenging to dig up credible sources.

To that end, we’ve left no stone unturned. We’ve collected professional advice from business consultants, coaches and hospitality experts. They will help you get into gear to start and grow your own restaurant business. Let the rest be history.

1. Décor Counts Big Time

Michael Shen, a restaurant reviewer of ImStillHungry, says that customers put great value on service and décor. Both are inferior to food quality. But they can move the needle when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Alexandra Morris, a Sydney-based Commercial Interior Designer, stresses the importance of appointing a savvy designer with a portfolio of hospitality projects.

“Not only will they maximise the best use of your space, they will guide you through the procedures involved with council regulations as well as making sure the overall design meets Australian Standards and food codes.”

Paul Bolles-Beaven from sees eye to eye with Morris about hiring a knowledgeable design specialist. They can help put the visual aspect in line with your concept, and your food and beverage offerings.

These Instagram restaurant decor ideas will help you kick-start your imagination.

2. Impress With Instagram Worthy Tableware and Table Linens

Customers relish sharing their food on social media almost as much as consuming it. The more picture-perfect your entire restaurant visuals are, the more likely you will get posted on Instagram or Facebook.

Aside from enhancing food flavour, inviting tableware and table linen will entice customers to talk about you. Top this up with an exciting menu and your customers will be more than happy to share their awesome experience on their social networks.

Here are a few insider tips for buying restaurant tableware.

Also, give your Instagram followers a buzz by really nailing it with your food styling. Here are a few Instagram worthy food styling hacks from Aliza J. Sokolow, a photographer who’s been shooting and styling food for some of the top chefs around the globe.

3. Learn the Science of Colour

We’ve picked the brain of Protech Hospitality savvy designers for advice on choosing the right colours for a restaurant.

“Colours play an important role in generating a hospitable environment in cafés or restaurants. The colour that is rarely seen in cafes is blue. The reason behind that lies in its ability to distract one’s mind away from food.

On the other hand, colours like orange, red and green stimulate the appetite and increase cravings. This is why the right colour combination will not only help you maximise hospitability but will also generate customer satisfaction.”

4. Use SEO to Bring People In

Carlos Swinton-Lee of Bar & Restaurant Consultants shared that digital marketing and SEO are still by far the most effective ways to bring more customers in.

Keep your site active and your blog rolling with fresh, relevant content. This will help you boost your Google rankings. Get yourself listed on Google My Business. This helps people find you when they’re browsing on Google Search or Maps. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Respond to reviews on Trip Advisor and other 3rd-party platforms to stay current in the e-world of food. Use SEO tools on your website to target local searches and gain more Google exposure.

“Converting your audience to paying customers is a little more tricky. It cannot be done with marketing alone., Reputation will always spread far and wide so concentrating on a quality experience with great service and a fantastic product is paramount.” – Carlos Swinton-Lee

5. Peek Through Your Facebook Window

Carlos further advocates for Facebook as a great tool for highly targeted marketing. You can sift through your potential audiences using variables such as age group, area and lifestyle.

The founder of, James Eling reminds us to define our digital marketing objectives:

“Remember, Facebook marketing for restaurants is not about how many Likes you have. It is about having the right objectives, and that is usually finding more new customers and turning them into repeat customers.”

6. Master the Art of Customer Loyalty

Nicole Kelly of the Restaurant & Catering Industry Association shares with us her best customer loyalty hack. It’s remembering your guests’ birthdays (via Facebook), a favourite dish or wine style.

Adding a personal touch and giving them something in return for coming in will help turn them into regulars. So, come up with a loyalty program installed on your Point of Sales (POS) System that will record customers purchases and facilitate collecting points and rewards.

Open, Outsource, Outplay!

Using our expert tips will help you sail through the process of opening up your own food business. Also, check out Alsco’s extensive list of 126 restaurant business plan ideas for more awesome tips from industry experts.

Don’t forget, however, that running a busy restaurant is hard work. When you grow a brisk business, it’ll be time to think about farming out tasks that are clogging your workflow. This will allow you to devote to your core tasks and work on growing your business.

So, let Alsco take care of all your linen and workwear supplies and deliver them to you spotlessly clean. We have unrivalled experience in restaurant linen and workwear rental and laundry services, so you can safely rely on us.

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During our long history of service to Australian businesses, we’ve racked up an impressive number of loyal customers. That’s where we score over our opponents and where you will score over too when you create a partnership with us.

Ring us now and we will help you spruce up your restaurant and over impress your customers.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr Images by Dennis Jarvis
Photo courtesy of Flickr Images by Scott Ableman

5 Brilliant Tips for Building Your Dream Restaurant

According to IBIS World research, 24,440 restaurants were opened in Australia from 2013 – 2015.

This shows how competitive the food business really is. Either way, don’t let that number scare you. Competition is not necessarily a bad thing.

Competition is often pushing other businesses to be better, smarter and more efficient. The cleverest way to observe your competition is to use it as motivation for your business growth and, why not – an inspiration!

This doesn’t mean you should copy other people’s ideas. Every business owner needs to find their place on the market in order to prosper. Don’t be impatient if you are not getting your Michelin stars after your first week of business.

Nobody is having too much fun if their business investment is not providing sufficient income. To avoid this from happening, you need a good plan. Therefore, the best way to start is to create a well-functioning, sustainable and effective business plan. Your business plan needs to be tailored to your own idea, resources and abilities.

Nevertheless, there are some common rules that are applicable to almost all restaurant business plans. Let’s talk about these 5 brilliant tips that will work on your plan, as well.

1. Build a Trustworthy Team

We already suggested you should track the work that has been done, but you should also make sure that you find loyal employees to begin with. You have to use your common sense when meeting your candidates for the first time and go with your feeling, but there are also some facts that you can take into consideration when hiring your staff. Here are some:

  • People with consistent employment history are more likely to be loyal.
  • There is a large portion of people over 45 years of age that are among the most loyal employees

  • Potentially loyal employees don’t bad mouth their previous employers and are honest about the reasons for leaving their previous workplace.

The next step is to build a relationship based on trust and respect. You can work on your employee loyalty in several ways and here are some ideas that you can incorporate in your work policy:

  • Ensure clear and open communication with your employees
  • Provide valuable feedback in a positive and encouraging manner
  • Enable different employment opportunities
  • Consider offering flexible hours and shift assignments
  • Offer nice and tailored uniforms to build team spirit

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Waiter Jacket
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2. Be Meticulous About Your Finances

How do you even know if you are making money with your business? It is obvious from your reports, isn’t it? So why don’t you make more reports? You can introduce different types of reports to make sure every dollar you invest is well spent and accounted for.

You can introduce a menu item sales report that shows which ingredients are the best sellers. In that way, you are able to plan your meals more efficiently and offer people the dishes they really want to order.

For example, you may notice that a significant number of your customers order chicken-based meals. This information can help you plan your next menu item and you can make sure to include chicken in it. You can use this calculator to find out how much that item will cost you.

Groceries are not the only items that cost you money. You also need to pay your employees. To have decent workers, you need to pay them decent wages. Consequently, you need to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Introducing an hourly labour report doesn’t mean you distrust your employees. It will help you see what needs the most work and how many members of the staff you really need. This will let you see if your team is working 100% efficiently.

3. Figure Out a Winning Marketing Formula

The best possible marketing formula for your restaurant needs to involve both offline and online efforts.

Both of these need to be elaborated in your restaurant business plan. Build good relations with your returning customers by creating loyalty programs or offering them birthday specials. Organize and promote wine tastings and national cuisine evenings. In other words, give people a reason to keep coming back to your restaurant.

You already know that the future is here and that your marketing game needs to be strong both offline and online. You need a good website, created by a professional and active and well managed social media profiles.

If you think you have better things to do than to manage your Facebook page, you are probably right! You shouldn’t do it. However, you should definitely hire somebody else to do it for you. Facebook page is not the only channel you should exploit. Take a look at this brilliant example of a YouTube promotion video for the Sepia Restaurant in Sydney:

The video is interesting, the music is dynamic and engaging. The viewers will want to check out this restaurant in person, not that they have seen how a day in Sepia looks like. They have experienced a good story and now they want to be a part of it.

4. Create Mesmerising Ambiance That People Love

People are more than able to cook their own food or go to a friend’s house for a dinner. However, when there is a special date in their lives, they choose to go to a restaurant and make that even more special. Your customers will come for the food, but they will bring their friends and family because your restaurant is a pleasant and the ambiance is lovely.

This is what an experienced director, designer and a restaurant owner Ric Corinaldi said about restaurant interior and its importance:

“In Melbourne, the food needs to be perfect. You won’t get through the first few weeks if you haven’t got that right. But the space says who you are, that you respect the clientele, that you’re going to do your best to give them a beautiful experience.”

  • The first thing you need to think about is your restaurant location. Can you get a venue on a corner? Is there a parking lot available? What is the neighbourhood like?
  • Don’t be desperate if your perfectly positioned restaurant doesn’t have enough space. You can make up for the lack of space with better organisation. Make sure your kitchen is perfectly designed so that it makes working there very easy.
  • For example, the completed orders should be on the very entrance of the kitchen, so that the waiters don’t need to enter it and make it even more crowded.
  • Also, if you don’t have enough space, work on your takeaway menu and promotion. Allow people to book a table in advance using your website and prevent the crowding up of your place.

However, when it comes to designing your restaurant, we strongly recommend talking to a professional. Everything from your wall art to the choice of your crispy clean tea towels has to be perfect. Even your washroom needs to be presentable. It goes without saying that your staff needs lovely and spotless uniforms, as well.

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Spotless and well-stocked washroom is important for your business image.
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Wait Staff Uniforms
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5. Pepper Your Venue With Unique Gimmicks and Innovations

Your marketing and social media efforts will bloom if you get your customers to take photos, share them, brag a bit about their experience, tag their friends, check in and recommend your restaurant.

For this to happen, you need to have something Instagram or Pinterest worthy. It can be the interior itself, the way you serve your food, the way you fold your napkins or something entirely different. Take a look at these ideas from already existing restaurants.

There is a Japanese restaurant in Victoria that features interesting chairs. Photo ideas are popping up as soon as you land your eyes on these interestingly designed chairs.

This eye-catching ceiling at Nobu Restaurant, Perth, Australia provides excellent mood lighting for the restaurant and a lovely photo opportunity that the customers will surely take.

Go to Facebook or Instagram and search it for hashtags #nobu and #perth. Almost every fifth photo is the photo of this mesmerising ceiling.

Your idea doesn’t have to be extremely expensive in order to be effective. How about some well-positioned ropes all over your restaurant? That’s what The Grand Old Lady of Melbourne’s Abbotsford did. These are not for free, but they might be quite cheaper than installing the designer chandeliers.

On the other hand, you can place your efforts into serving your food. This truly has to be unique for your restaurant and you need to find your own style. For example, this is taken from the Attica Restaurant in Melbourne.

You can come up with your own ideas, but it is highly advisable you hire a good interior designer to help you with the entire concept and the individual technicalities.

Do you want more ideas for your restaurant?

You can look at these 5 tips as 5 main points in your restaurant business plan. However, each and every one of them can be elaborated much further and broken down to many details. Take it from the experts and learn from the experience. Get 126 expert ideas for your restaurant business and work out how you can create a restaurant you always dreamed about and make it a success.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Images by audiolucistore

7 Brilliant Tips From Wellness Experts to Busy Workers

Nowadays everyone’s busy. It has become a buzzword that borders on a cliché and a lame excuse all in one. The demands of modern-day lifestyle are pressing us and the stakes are very high.

It’s our health that is at stake – mental and physical. The scenario is more than familiar to many of us. It seems as if we’re getting hustled out of our days by life’s growing demands.

Stress is simply omnipresent and most of us don’t know how to cope or have the right tools for it. There are so many stress-triggering factors we’re facing on a daily basis while trying to juggle all of our responsibilities.

Choose any random profession and you’ll find a survey or study showing that stress and burnout have never been more prominent.

It’s the currency of time that is much more valuable than money when we look at things more honestly. Especially today. And the major currency is health. So, how to squeeze some wellness strategies into our ambitious daily schedules?

We’ve asked the wellness experts to help out. Read on and learn from people who are tuned in to the subject. You might get a tip or two to help you protect your health from the ever-increasing pace of modern life.

1. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!

Sleep Health Foundation Australia has a few sleeping tips for those having trouble sleeping.

Handling the killer pace on a day to day basis makes a good night sleep an absolute must. Or else you run the risk of letting it all wear you down.

Tight deadlines and heaps of work can often lead to insufficient sleep, or no sleep at all, for that matter. If this loop continues for longer periods, your mental and physical health can deteriorate.

Sometimes it’s that we merely have lots of things on our mind, so it can get hard to shut down at the end of the day. So, here’s a list of sleeping tips for you to incorporate into your daily routine for more energised and enjoyable days.

2. Save Your Spine – You’ll Need It Afterwards

Alsco, a 50-year provider of first aid kits and washroom services advises us to watch for our spine. The majority of modern jobs are linked to sitting long hours. So do yourself a favour by being mindful of your posture.

Here you can’t make an excuse for being too busy. It’s just learning a few tricks and correcting yourself from time to time and – voilà, you’ve got a habit!

Print this Alsco’s good posture poster out and pin it up on the office wall beside your desk as a regular reminder.

3. Get Yourself a Standing Workplace Station

More or less we all realise the terrible consequences of prolonged sitting. But we rarely do something about it. Time and again our minor day to day problems seem to be more important to us than our health and well being. Staggering, but true!

Yet, getting yourself a standing workplace station isn’t actually much of a hassle. And getting your boss to get you one is even smoother. Not to mention it’s cannier. All you need to do is replace your desk and enjoy the benefits.

And here are some tips for the daily routine for people who want to try out the fantastic standing workstations:

  • Take sitting breaks
  • Think about your posture
  • Stretch and move
  • Wear good shoes and protect your knees

If you opt for this awesome invention, you may want to include an anti-fatigue mat. It’ll help prevent back pain and sore knees. Plus it’ll help you make yourself comfortable while standing!

4. Escape the 9-to-5 Vicious Circle

Happiness expert, Dr Bruce Wells advises going for flexible working hours, part-time options and home-based jobs.

Frankly, it’s shifting to 9-to-5 work hours that opened the chapter of frantically chasing the time and our own tails along with it. And it’s awfully reminiscent of the awfully repetitive plot of Groundhog day movie.

It’s the lack of time that gets us under a lot of strain. And a great chunk of that time gets frittered away on commuting. So, work out a way with your boss to get a remote day once in a while.

And if your existing schedule is hectic, think about taking on a remote job. Working from the comfort of your home will help you pinch some time.

5. Head out to the Nearest Park for Your Lunch Break

Andi Lew, a certified food, lifestyle and wellness coach proposes using your lunch break time to maximise your wellness chances in your busy days.

“Connect with nature. Go outside during your lunch break. The colour blue sky or walking barefoot in the grass will help all sorts of wellness feelings.”

People are often willing to make lifestyle changes but the problem is they lack time to do it. So, an active and a relaxing lunch break is just what a busy and stressed out employee needs. And a nearby park is the perfect place to stretch your legs or even have lunch.

Having your lunch break in nature can be an easy way to reduce your work-related stress.

6. Take Your Coffee Wisely

Food Standard for Australia and New Zealand Working Group found the anxiety triggering levels when it comes to caffeine. It’s 210 mg, for adults. So play it smart with caffeine-loaded drinks.

When duty calls we all want to be at our best. And the reality is that we often need to stay ahead of the game in order to thrive in the competitive world. This is usually paired with a few coffee mugs over the top in order to reach our peak levels of alertness. But here is where experts raise a red flag.

However, if coffee is not exactly your cup of tea, hear out a few tips coming from Steve Chapman, CEO of Shine+:

“When you’re at work, try swapping your large cup with 2 sugars for a green tea. Green tea still contains caffeine (in a smaller dosage), but it also has a substance called L-theanine. This works alongside the caffeine to enhance your alertness, but it also helps to reduce the crash and anxiety that is sometimes associated with caffeine intake.

You could also try a smart drink, such as the one that shine+ make. This too contains L-theanine, but also other evidence based ingredients such as Siberian Ginseng. This is known as an ‘adaptogen’ – shown to help the body deal with stress. Perfect for when you’re struggling to reach deadlines.”

7. Gratitude, Where Art Thou?

Muneesh Wadhwa from Humanity in Business encourages people to try and focus on things they can be grateful for every day. Compiling the list and coming back to it again the next Monday helps people feel better about their jobs.

We all know it can get pretty hard trying to place ourselves and thrive in the demanding modern world. Juggling our daily duties and swimming against the strong modern-day currents can be darn tiring.

But The Langley Group discovered a research showing that finding ways to be grateful can give a big boost to our happiness and wellbeing.

Addressing someone with a word of thanks makes them feel good and makes us feel even better. If reciprocated, it has a ripple effect, spreading happiness and positivity among people.

For More Benefits, Learn Some More

Let’s face it – taking care of our health oftentimes requires a bunch of energy and effort. Yet, most of our tips here are easy to use and fit into your busy schedules, while still working wonders for your health and well being.

Therefore, make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic list of employee wellness ideas for more invaluable tips from wellness and health experts.

Putting those tips into practice is a no-brainer. They’ll help you take major steps towards your well being, while you could bet that what you’re actually doing is having some fun.

Photo courtesy of Freepik Images by katemangostar
Image from ariixaustraliateam
Image from Daily Mail
Photo courtesy of Freepik Images by Freepik Exclusive Vectors