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Many businesses are unaware they are legally obliged to not only have a First Aid Kit, but also to have staff trained in First Aid. Alsco is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering nationally accredited First Aid and Fire & Evacuation courses to keep your staff safe, secure, and prepared for emergencies.
We’re different from most First Aid Training providers. At Alsco we’ve developed a streamlined online portal to keep your company on top of all your training requirements and ensure you’re safe, secure, and compliant with the First Aid Code of Practice and the Australian Standard – Preparing for Emergencies. That’s why Alsco’s Managed Training is a complete solution to your company’s First Aid training needs
Alsco’s Managed Training Service provides you with:
  • A convenient secure online portal specifically for you business that tracks, traces and reports staff First Aid and Fire Warden qualifications 24 hours a day, so you know who needs training, who’s booked training, when it is and if it’s completed
  • Automatic email prompts and online booking
  • Downloadable reports and certificates all stored securely on your own business portal
  • A single fixed fee monthly fee regardless of staff turnover
  • Onsite training for five or more, regular public First Aid courses for less than five
  • Peace of mind that you are ready for an emergency and WH&S compliant
  • Professional engaging trainers, so your staff will get the most out of their course
  • A detailed incident reporting module to help you keep track of all incidents in the work place
Our training is designed to prepare your staff for real emergency situations, so you’ll always have someone on hand who can help. Our expert training instructors will rigorously prepare your staff for any given workplace emergency. Each training course can be carefully tailored to fit your industry, company, and employees.


Not only should you keep your staff trained for their safety and security, you’re also legally obliged to do so under the WH&S Act. Keeping on top of who’s trained, who needs retraining, and when…can be a complex and time-consuming process. With Alsco’s Managed Training, you can keep on top of the who’s, when’s and where’s of your employee’s training. Alsco’s Managed Training Service is the complete package. Not only do we train your staff – we also provide an online system that lets you keep track of all employee’s training, keeping your workplace safe, secure and WH&S compliant at all times.

The results? We save you the headache of training so you have more time to focus on running your business.

Alsco’s online training portal includes…

  • Management of all information relating to your employee’s training is laid out in a simple, user friendly accessible manner
  • Email notifications to managers and staff when training or retraining is required
  • A centralised storage of all training records and certificates
  • An easy-to-use incident reporting tool for safety officers


Assess –The first step is to survey your workplace. Our consultants will meet with HR, WH&S managers and key staff to gather vital information. This will be entered into our survey matrix, allowing us estimate the number of emergency response personnel and equipment ensure your workplace is safe, secure and WH&S compliant.

Creation –Once we have the right data, we’ll set you up with a unique online company portal, upload your data, and provide key personnel with access.

Train –We’ll then initiate the training process. Our training is conducted by certified trainers, all of whom are experienced health professionals emergency service backgrounds. We conduct training either on or off-site. All training is accredited by Alsco Pty Ltd RTO Number 40581.

Record –Once your staff and site certificates are issued, all of your key trained staff will be added to our online system. Clients are able to conveniently view staff training results, projections and expiry dates online through our secure online portal.

Track –Our online system will automatically track all staff training, allowing you to easily keep on top of who needs trained and retrained – and when. Email reminders will be delivered when staff training or refresher training is required. All scheduled training can also be viewed on our website by logging into our secure client area.

Report –First Aiders and Wardens can access our online Incident Management Centre where they can complete incident/injury reports. HR and WH&S Managers can use the Incident Management Centre to generate reports including visual statistics and trend reports. All information remains confidential and secure in accordance with our privacy policy. Our customers have access to various generic reports/plans, which can be adapted to be site specific for their workplace.

Training Guarantee –Alsco offers an innovative “seat structure”. Instead of paying per course, secure a seat on Alsco’s Managed System at a fixed competitive rate for an agreed period. This seat entitles the seat holder to numerous courses related to that seat. If this seat holder resigns they can be replaced and training commences again at no change to the cost. This allows you to keep your training budget fixed – no matter your staff turnover. That’s Alsco’s guarantee.

Risk Management Reporting Tool – Access to an on-line secure Risk Management Reporting Tool Including statistics and Trends that alleviates paper based trails and provides access to appropriate personnel to manage and monitor risk immediately on a national platform.

Emergency Management Plan Template – Many businesses find it difficult to create an Emergency Management Plan that is site specific and complies with Australian Standards. If required Alsco provides a thorough Emergency Management Plan Template which can easily be adapted to your site. Value added to save our customers valuable time, resources and costs.

Disaster Recovery – The cost of not being prepared is high and research suggests that many businesses are not prioritising Disaster Recovery Planning. Alsco’s Managed Training Service recognises this and offers our customers Business Continuity Plans, Disaster Recovery Plans and a Go Pack which the customer can adapt and save on the secure online website.

Formal Training & Evacuation Reports – Following our emergency response training for ECO members which incorporates a site evacuation a Formal Training and Evacuation report is provided which analyses the day’s outcomes and also provides benchmarks under Australian Standards to monitor and activate.

Single Annual Fee – Limitless* Managed Training

Ready to pay one single fee – and let Alsco take care of all of your business’s training and retraining needs?

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Alsco’s Managed Rental Service is the cost-effective alternative to buying. We eliminate the need for large cash purchases and keep your equipment maintained and up-to-date. All starting from just $1 a day.


By customising your regular order to suit your business you can experience a smooth, seamless, and stress-free experience.


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