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8 Things Your Customers Hate About Your Bar and How to Fix Them

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Have you ever noticed that you can have two conceptually similar bars in one street, almost next to each other, but one bar is full while the other one is empty?

They are almost the same, but there is something that drives customers into one bar and renders the other one completely uninteresting to them. How and why does that happen?

There can be many reasons for that, but if you ask regular bar patrons about what they would like to change about their favourite bar, you will get similar answers and a lot of them will have to do with your washroom hygiene.

Here are 8 things bar patrons hate about your bar and how to change them.

1. Sticky Bars and Tables

Keeping up your hygienic standards on a busy Saturday night is very difficult and challenging. If you are lucky, your bar is swarming with people. When that happens, drinks get spilled, a lot of stuff ends up on the floor and it dries off just enough to become sticky. That is a nightmare, but it happens from time to time.

There is not much that you can do to clean up the mess on the bar floor when your night is at its peak. However, you can hire more people to wipe the tables and quickly clean up any mess that happens. They don’t have to be hired for everyday. They can be only weekend, part-time employees. In that way, you will prevent the sticky counters, tables and bars.

2. Uncomfortable Bar Stools

Of course, we all know how the bar stool looks like. It is a tall stool with a little seat that you have to balance on. Moreover, there is usually not enough room to leave your purse, a bag or necessities. You can leave them on the bar itself, but they will be on the bartender’s way and you will have no place for your drink.

You can do two things to iron out this issue. First of all, don’t buy stools that you haven’t tried yourself. Sit on them for a while and see if they are really comfortable. The ones with a little backrest usually provide a better support than those that don’t have it.

As for the bags and purses, there are little hooks that you can buy and install below your bar which can be excellent addition to hang stuff that gets in your way.

3. The State of Your Washroom

Again, it is next to impossible to keep up the impeccable state of your washrooms when you have a ton of people in your bar. However, there is a big difference between a temporarily not-so-perfect bathroom stall and the obvious buildup of dirt in your bar washrooms. Expecting from your staff to replace professional sanitary services is not realistic.

You need professionals. Washroom services that you get from Alsco can also include deep cleaning of your toilets, as well as the intensive biological treatments. If these hygiene services are performed often enough, it will be so much easier to keep the hygienic levels to the maximum in the meanwhile.

4. Not Enough Soap and Towels

The consumables are spent fast on a busy Saturday night. Some of it is even wasted, but that is to be expected. There is nothing more annoying for a bar patron than when they use the bar toilet and they don’t have what it takes to wash and dry the hands.

If this happens regularly, then it means that you should consider replenish your consumables more often or even install more soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers. If its is necessary, make sure that at least one of the persons responsible for the washroom hygiene is present at the peak nights to replenish these consumables.

5. Low Quality Drinks

It is a real art to find that sweet spot between serving drinks that are good quality, but not overpriced. However, if you start serving low quality drinks in hope to attract more customers and cut your costs, you may want to rethink that strategy. It will probably attract people who are interested in cheap drinks only and that can easily backfire.

This problem is easily solved by talking to the experienced bartenders and taking their advice. If you have a good and certified bartender, they already know all the secrets to the trade. Moreover, they usually know who are good and honest suppliers that you can contact.

6. Low Quality Service

It is not necessary to have a certified bartender, but it most certainly helps. People hate being served by impatient, rude or condescending staff. Yes, things in a bar can get a bit too much and the patience of your staff can be tested from time to time, but that should not influence their professionality.

This also a solvable problem. You should provide your staff with proper training about all the possible scenarios in your bar and how to deal in such situations. However, you also need to pay your staff adequately for the job they perform, to keep them motivated to overcome the challenges.

7. Unannounced Events

If you plan on organising bar trivia night, karaoke, or even a live music night, make sure you announce it far and wide. These events are great for bar promotion, but they have to be announced. The first reason is that a lot of interested people will be there, but even more importantly, people who don’t want to be there will avoid it.

Imagine wanting to dance the night away with your friends celebrating only to find out that it is a poetry slam night and there is no music whatsoever.

8. No Feminine Hygiene Bins

Feminine hygiene is challenging in public bathrooms. Therefore, it can be very annoying if the bar washroom doesn’t provide an easy way for tampon disposal. If you want to avoid clogged toilets and pipes, give your female visitors a discreet and effective feminine hygiene disposal units.

All those possible issues with your washroom can be overwhelming. It may sound like a lot of work and like big investments. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Alsco Australia can offer deep cleaning, hand washing and drying systems, washroom sanitizers and even feminine hygiene bins. You don’t have to make capital investments. All you need to do rent all these items from Alsco and stop worrying about them. We will install them and stock them up for you.
Moreover, included in your monthly fee is also regular restocking of your consumables. Contact Alsco today and see what we can do for you. Together we will make your bar a cleaner and nicer place.

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