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How to Clean Your Business during COVID-19?

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With the rapid spread and growing clusters of COVID-19 in various restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues around Australia, maintaining hygiene procedures and cleanliness is extremely important for businesses. 

According to the Australian Department of Health, COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through microscopic respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. This highly contagious airborne virus can be contracted by touching an infected surface and then touching your own mouth, nose or eyes. 

While not touching your face and social distancing is recommended, it’s not enough. You need to ensure that your business is properly cleaned and disinfected. To succeed in the battle against coronavirus, there are more stringent precautionary measures to be undertaken within your business. This involves effective routine cleaning procedures and the use of proper advanced cleaning equipment. 

Cleaning & Disinfecting – What’s the Difference? 

Cleaning means to physically remove any impurities (germs, dirt and organic matter) from surfaces. However, cleaning does not actually eradicate germs; it only reduces them and the associated risk of infection. This means that cleaning alone will not be effective in killing any of the germs that already exist on the surface. 

Proper cleaning works by using a detergent and water solution, which is designed to break up oil and grease, combined with water. Any products that have been labelled as a detergent can be used to clean.

On the other hand, disinfecting refers to using chemicals to kill the germs on surfaces and objects. This process does not necessarily ‘clean’ dirty surfaces, therefore it is important to clean before disinfecting, as having dirt and grime on the surfaces can reduce the disinfectant’s ability to kill the germs. Disinfectants typically contain a minimum of 70% alcohol, which is acceptable to be used on hard surfaces and any labelled disinfectant can be used.

A combination of cleaning and disinfecting is the most effective way to reduce the spread of COVID-19 or other infections around your business. 

How to Clean? And When and Where should I do it? 

Firstly, you should carefully clean surfaces or objects with detergent and water, beginning from the cleanest to dirtiest surface to reduce the transfer of germs. This should be followed by disinfecting with a bleach based solution with a minimum of 70% alcohol. Ensure the disinfectant claims it kills viruses (usually chlorine based disinfectants) and is not an anti bacterial cleaner.

Different surfaces require different cleaning methods and products so ensure you do not damage any of your business items, furniture or decor with abrasive chemicals. 

When you’re cleaning, it is preferable to use single-use gloves to minimise infection. If you have reusable gloves, these should be washed with detergent and water after each use and should only be worn with hands that have been thoroughly washed before each cleaning session.

Workplaces should be cleaned everyday, whenever possible. Depending on the type of business, more frequent and rigorous cleaning may be required, especially if your workplace operates on a shift roster with many individuals entering the premises at different times.

It is important to clean and disinfect the frequently touched surfaces within your business, such as tabletops, door handles, light switches, office desks, printers, staircases, bathrooms, toilet doors, and kitchen surfaces. All objects or surfaces that are used frequently throughout the day should be repeatedly cleaned if possible. Safe Work Australia offers a comprehensive guide on the optimal areas to focus on for intensive cleaning. 

Recommended Cleaning Products for Your Business 

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Cleaning and disinfecting your business is the best armour against the invasion of COVID-19.

However, there are additional cleaning products to use in order to optimise your business’s hygiene and sanitation, particularly in high-traffic areas around the work space. Washrooms in particular need special attention, since many employees do not adequately practice hand hygiene, which is essential for combatting the coronavirus. 

Washroom Services 

A clean and hygienic washroom is essential for all kinds of businesses. Unfortunately, bathrooms can be an easy source of infection and contamination, since people are in close contact with many harmful germs and bacteria on different surfaces. This makes COVID-19 easier to transmit. 

To avoid this, it is highly recommended that your business invests in a premium customised washroom service, which provides technologically advanced cleaning products tailored for your workplace. With these managed rental services, you won’t even have to refill supplies or fix damaged hygiene units since it’s all done for you! 

  • Hand Hygiene – Hand hygiene acts as the front-line defence against COVID-19. Get access to the best, superior-quality hand hygiene products, including instant hand sanitisers, hand soap dispensers, along with disinfectant and moisturiser barrier hand creams.  
  • Washroom sanitisers – Designed to eradicate harmful germs and dangerous invisible microbes, washroom sanitisers are one of the best ways to keep your business spaces clean and healthy. Toilet seat sanitisers and Urinal/WC Digital Sanitisers are powerful and designed for maximum efficiency against grime. 
  • Clinical Service – Alsco’s Sharps Containers and Clinical Disposal Bins for business washrooms ensures the disposal of hazardous waste and unsanitary objects. This will minimise any risk of contamination with body fluids, blood, toxins and chemicals. 

Dust Control & Floor Protection Mats 

Floor mats are a great option to provide complete floor protection in your business, as well as maintain dust and dirt control. With evidence showing that pre-existing lung problems (such as asthma and lung cancer) can substantially worsen the respiratory effects of COVID-19, it is important that businesses create a safe and clean environment for those who are especially vulnerable or immune-compromised. 

This involves minimising potential asthma triggers including pollen, dust mites and tobacco smoke. Luckily, Alsco’s Dust Control & Floor Protection Mats ensure that 80% of dirt, dust and water are captured before even entering the workplace. These highly absorbent mats not only keep your workplace cleaner, they also reduce floor wear-and-tear while mitigating the risks of accidents and workplace injuries, keeping your clients and staff safer. These mats can be strategically placed around the busiest and dirtiest areas, where there is often high foot traffic including doorways, hallway entrances and work areas. 

Continuous Hand Towels 

Proper hand-drying procedures are often overlooked when maintaining hand hygiene. However, in order to completely and effectively eliminate these germs, hand drying is an essential weapon against COVID-19. 

Hand-drying removes dirt and microorganisms from the skin surface which come from the initial hand-washing, therefore preventing them from being re-deposited back onto the skin. Alsco’s Continuous Hand Towels enable you to dry your hands quickly and economically, meaning improved cleanliness and reduced chances of bacterial cross contamination. 

Our cloth towel dispensers have separate chambers for the new and used portion of the towel, which ensures no contact and an unparalleled level of hygiene. During cleaning, towels are processed at over 150°C to ensure complete sterilisation.

Return to work with confidence with the help of Alsco. Our back to work range of essential products can help your business return to work with confidence with message mats, safety mats, sneeze guards and personal protective equipment for your staff. Get in touch with us today to organise your back to work essentials!

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