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The busiest areas in your workplace are often the dirtiest due to high foot traffic. From your front doorways and entrances to your hallways and work areas. You need a solution to keep your spaces as clean as possible for as long as possible whilst still looking sharp and professional. Alsco’s Dust Control & Floor Protection Mats will enhance your business’s image and ensure you’ve taken all the precautions to keep your floors protected, safe and accident-free. Our highly absorbent mats are amazing, trapping 80% of dirt, dust and water before it’s tracked into your workplace. Not only does this keep your spaces cleaner, it reduces floor wear and tear and also reduces the likelihood of slips and trips on slippery floors, keeping your staff and clients safe.
Our Evolution Dust Control & Floor Protection Mats:
  • come in a large range of colours and sizes
  • are environmentally friendly, made from recycled PET bottles
  • won’t stain or fade
  • have super absorption qualities
  • lay flat every time
  • have a choice of backing patterns to ensure they stay in place on all surfaces
Can’t wait call us on 1300 659 892 and we can get you started or fill in the contact form top right on this page and we’ll be in touch soon. Environmentally Friendly Evolution Mats Alsco’s evironmentally friendly Evolution mats are made from recycled PET bottles and are available in three great colour choices, ideal for the contemporary workspace. All are available in sizes:
  • 5’x3′ (85x150cm),
  • 6’x4′ (115x180cm)
  • 10’x3′ (85x300cm)

Evolution Anthracite

Evolution Storm

Evolution Ebony

Traction Backing
High traction for smooth floors

Gripper Backing
Ideal for carpeted floors

Image of the back of the Raptor Mat

Raptor backing
Ideal for smooth floors

dust control mats

Perfect for all the elements

The weather can have a huge impact on your business. On a damp rainy day, excess water doesn’t just impact your workspace’s cleanliness but can also make it slippery and unsafe for everyone in the area. Alsco’s mats are the solution to this problem, able to absorb up to 3 litres of water and coming with anti-slip rubber backing, ensure your floors are kept dry, protected, and safe no matter the weather.

Keep your workplace cleaner

Keeping your floors clean starts at your business’s front door. That’s why Alsco’s mats capture up to 80% of dust and dirt before it even gets past your entrance keeping your entire workplace cleaner and more hygienic in the process. Anti-static properties even capture air-borne dust, further improving the cleanliness of your spaces. With regular cleaning and mat replacement as part of our managed rental service, always have clean, presentable mats in your spaces no matter what.

Help preserve the environment

Using recycled materials, like the PET bottles we use in our Evolution mats, avoids the use of raw materials typical in the production of the majority of mats. These mats are also designed to dry quicker after the wash process to minimise energy waste and reduce the impact on the environment.

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