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Image is vitally important to any organisation and we offer a range of Image Workwear and work uniforms that combine a stylish, comfortable design with durability and safety.

With high visibility workwear a specialty, our range features heavyweight cotton drill, polyester and cotton blend fabrics, and options including UV, flame-retardant and stain resistance.

Alsco Workwear includes professional yet comfortable styles to suit any environment.

Pitt Shirt Navy/Postman

  • Heavyweight cotton drill for hot or humid environments
  • Lightweight, durable polyester/cotton blends

Pitt Shirt Black/Grey

  • UV protection from harsh weather conditions
  • Flame retardant and smoulder proof uniforms for intense-heat workplaces

Pitt Shirt Black/Red

  • Two tone for high visibility
  • Reflective tape for night time safety

Pitt Shirt Black/Royal

  • A variety of colours, specifications and sizing
  • Pockets, trims and embroidered badges to reflect corporate image

Cargo Pant Navy

  • Slim fit, heavy duty drill fabric
  • With side pockets and thigh cargo pocket

Cargo Pant Black

  • Slim fit, heavy duty drill fabric
  • With side pockets and thigh cargo pockets

Image Workwear


Alsco’s Managed Rental Service is the cost-effective alternative to buying. We eliminate the need for large cash purchases and keeping your equipment maintained and up-to-date. Starting from just $1 a day, you’ll benefit from regular delivery schedules, management of replacements, and emergency, on-demand servicing.

Program Starts

You'll be assign an agreed amount of garments.

For example:
  • 5 Garments for each day of the week
  • 5 Garments being cleaned each week
  • 11 garments to allow for the one being worn at the time of the service


Regular Servicing

Alsco will collect your soiled garments. At the same time we'll return your freshly laundered and repaired garments as per the agreed scheduled.

This week 5 dirty garments are sent to be cleaned.

…and clean 5 garments are delivered.


    We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will never be shared.